♪ Operation Cluster Fuck ft. Snoop Draf (Katy Perry Parody)

Battlefield 4

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What could be better than Battlefield 4, Operation Locker, 8-Bit sounds and Snoop-Draf all mashed up into a parody of Katy Perry’s – California Girls? Exactly… We can’t think of anything either! Hurry up and listen. Stop wasting time. You should be watching this already. Okay, we’re sorry for being pushy. Just watch. Please?

Before the haters hate,…

49 Replies to “♪ Operation Cluster Fuck ft. Snoop Draf (Katy Perry Parody)”

  1. Maxx says:


  2. Arminx says:

    I added this to my music playlist

  3. Arminx says:

    I laughing so hard I'm dieing ????????????

  4. I guess this is now transferable to Suez Canal on BF1

    Great song still guys 🙂

  5. thatguy 231 says:

    this video i could not tell dis map any better

  6. If you actually choose to spawn on C you are either insane or just a dumbass who wants to die.
    Seriously, there is no way of surviving that spawn xD

  7. Where can I get that Team Geo emblem?

  8. Who's up for 128 player locker conquest when BF5 comes out? :^)

  9. SSJ JIBRAN says:

    loved it i have downloaded your lots of music vedios

  10. stonehandsTV says:

    Good gravy this is great. I do my best to avoid Operation Locker, but the next time I get stuck on it I don't think I'll be as sad. Thanks for the awesome video!

  11. i still love this song so much 😀
    It's one of my ''fu** it'' gaming songs ;D

  12. Anton Erbe says:

    i love the song by katy perry but yours is great to 😀

  13. Spiffy Giffy says:

    fuck yeah you don't see quality like this coming from the USA. go Canada

  14. ODST Brooks says:

    I love this, I put this on my favorites list.

  15. panzerkeil says:

    level cap impression is spot on good job on that

  16. best song ever ! XD, may i translate korean, and upload my channel? 

  17. Well that was amazing! Good job.

  18. Sharpy says:

    gentlemen, this is freaking awesome !

  19. Yurei says:

    Man you guys deserve more sub, airsoft, gaming and parodies, amazing. 😀

  20. Reef Diaries says:

    This. Is. GENIUS! possibly my favorite parady to date. Very good job!

  21. samueljfw says:

    Ok I had no idea this was made by you guys when you played it on your stream. Easily my favourite parody yet.

  22. 11364312cs says:

    its much better that the original, i mean the guys that sing are just way nicer that katy perry

  23. Stealhelm says:

    That cluster f*** though..

  24. Ignition says:

    Loving he Level cap impression <3

  25. Joakia says:

    I loved the part from 2:303:01. So gooood 😀 

  26. TexBoy says:

    You deserve more subs, and views.

  27. Cole Morgan says:

    This is nothing compared to bf3 64 man metro.

  28. Need2Sleep says:

    best song 2014-the rest of time

  29. GamerGreeny says:

    That song is spot on!!

  30. Francisco says:

    Team GEO please do one of Metro! 

  31. grizn0 says:

    Found this on Reddit. You guys rule 🙂 Subbed!

  32. TheGoodStyle says:

    These parodies you guys make are so good!

  33. 변진규 says:

    what's song name??

  34. Pingas says:

    singing this in school got detention for swearing lol XD

  35. Pingas says:

    singing this in school got detention for swearing lol XD

  36. tom roe says:

    god i love yr parodies guys keep them coming

  37. justnick121 says:

    Well like you said its a cluster fuck:3

  38. Eric Olson says:

    Well worth the watch. The only thing missing is the massive pile of health packs and ammo packs. Its like a supply depot around C sometimes.

  39. you should of made a operation metro reference

  40. Voxerver says:

    I love this song! 🙂 I'am surprised why you have only 1000 subscription.

  41. Dan Patmon says:

    Someone spawned on C at 3:15 lol!

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