2019 Clash of Clans Update Details | Spring Balance Changes

Clash Of Clans

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2019 Clash of Clans Update Details | Spring Balance Changes
OP Attacks:

Being that this information was taken from the developers build changes may occur before the update. With that said, there have been some additional changes to the Mortar from the info I mentioned in this video.

Today in Clash of Clans we are looking at some of the spring update balance changed that are incoming.

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27 Replies to “2019 Clash of Clans Update Details | Spring Balance Changes”

  1. Been watching your videos for a while now but first time commenting and finally subbed! Love your energy, attitude and positivity! You are the only person I have ever seen spam a sponsorship but actually make me want to buy it I love GFUEL! Great job Echo keep the videos up man.

  2. CCplayz says:

    Someone please tell me when this update is

  3. The reduced costs of Dragons, Baby Dragons, Rage and Freeze good for farming at TH11-12 with Air.

  4. Germa420 says:

    When you just used a book of building for the 12d dark barracks : )

  5. .zxan says:

    this update is gonna make the game even more fun to play!!!

  6. Jm1108 says:

    Wait we didn’t get to see how the last attack ended :[

  7. Jason Mainse says:

    Oh that's nice you're cutting the time but what about the cost of upgrading all this crap

  8. Wtf i just updated my barracks it is still taking 12d for ed

  9. Chris Mouton says:

    I'm a TH10 and TH11. My biggest problem is getting the resources to upgrade my things. The grind is real!

  10. wow… you look different today. Did you do something with your hair?

  11. Bmills 7 says:

    What about troop times?

  12. Kobe Shumway says:

    Fresh th10 and technically at half way maxed th11

  13. I am a town hall 11 player

  14. Anurag Sen says:

    town hall 10 and town hall 9

  15. Anurag Sen says:

    bro in video why u r not onscreen ? don't do this again

  16. I feel deceived …… these are quality of life upgrades….. when u said Balance changes i thought infernoes were blocking heal again xD

  17. TNT n says:

    I'm F2P, less than a month(?) away from maxing my TH 8 (so much research…)
    I'm really glad that they're making the grind a bit easier. I was always planning on going for TH9 and this means it's not going to take quite so long

  18. Finaly when the update applay in date plz tell me

  19. uzairjoy jan says:

    hey guys when the new update is coming ? the new balancing update plz answer ?

  20. Brian Engler says:

    Just went to th11. Never spent any medals till now. I had 1700 medals. I don't look like a new th11!

  21. Wow.. Amazing!!!
    Supercell never gives a combo at one go but tortoise wins a race… Anyhow, thanks alot for the great info. And ya, m 8 th 10 ?

  22. Necro master says:

    Great work as always Echo it would be cool if u make a video about what we should upgrade until that update to be efficient (which buildings and troops don't reserve off) I noticed traps and heros and ice golem on top of my head.

  23. i cant wait to see the nxt TH even im in TH11 for now thnks for the info echo more power??

  24. moayed sh says:

    Man I hope super sell doing good like train 3 armyes and make same before u can by 1 training poiton everyday but now not good ??

  25. Placidas says:

    TH 11 and 9, thanks for the info 😀

  26. Right Wing says:

    This will be a great update for lower guys, I'm a max 12 grinding walls now… I need a way to spend dark on walls since I'm done using dark, and my dark storage is always full no matter how many dark troops I use

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