3 New Glitches In 1 Video…


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3 New Glitches In 1 Video
3 Season 10 Glitches In 1 Video
3 Fortnite Glitches In 1 Video

00:34 Build In Tilted Town
01:33 Tilted Town Effect AnyWhere
02:18 God Mode Glitch

Founders : Glitch King (3+2) , Remyfromars (1)

Use Code : Glitch-King

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3rd Prototype – Shadows [NCS Release]

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33 Replies to “3 New Glitches In 1 Video…”

  1. Glitch King says:

    Thanks For Watching
    If You Want To Support Me You Can Use Code "Glitch-King" In The Item Shop
    Thanks Alot

  2. yellow apple says:

    Don't forget to like and use

  3. N1kHouT85 says:

    Hold on.. you just have 13 subscribers?!?

  4. Kai Ramsay says:

    The god mode glitch worked and I’ve never got a win so thank you very much

  5. Roses are red
    My like buttons blue
    Wait what happened there

  6. Gv Vz says:



  7. Kai Warren says:

    GameKnightt (is my user name)

  8. My username is GeNeRiC_TaToRs

  9. Will u get banned for using the mech glitch

  10. I play on ps4 and my username is HuGoBaReRa5 epic

  11. vikula sut says:

    Can I get pls the battlepass? Epic:1DummerTyp

  12. mohamed ali says:

    Marawan_ashour that's my epic

  13. maxboi 93847 says:

    Dude i cant swich seat when im in the air

  14. You are so gay that you steal orange guy his vids

  15. It's Omega says:

    How do you find these :/

  16. Basti says:

    Plis😫😓 Banane10

  17. SonicNintendo Love your vids

  18. My name in fortnite is Gamreand

  19. El Maneh says:

    I participate
    USERNAME: ManehOriginal

  20. What I wanna know is how is the third glitch "god mode" When your DEAD

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