3 NO HERO DE FARMING METHODS – Easy TH9 Dark Elixir Farming Armies – Clash of Clans

Clash Of Clans

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Today in Clash of Clans we are going to explore what it takes to get good Dark Elixir without heroes! Our heroes are upgrading, but we still need to find some loot! We will talk about Loonion, Giants and Wizards (GiWiz), and Goblin Knife! Enjoy!

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38 Replies to “3 NO HERO DE FARMING METHODS – Easy TH9 Dark Elixir Farming Armies – Clash of Clans”

  1. I am an th 9 max other than hereos

  2. EpicDoggiez says:

    I go for the all-archer, 4 lightning and eq. I lightning the two de collectors, usually getting min 2k. And raid the gold and elixir collectors. This works well. But need heroes for the 1star half the time. Otherwise I am really happy with my method. Being Crystal league III (3) helps finding dead bases

  3. Bob Bob says:

    That goblin knife surprised me for sure

  4. First don't take on ring bases
    Second 18 gaints tanking the gobs and nothing else

  5. Nahin Hridoy says:

    I think
    (1)Easy to use
    (2)Can be used as a trophy pushing strategy
    (3)Can be used to farm De,gold,elixir

    Goblin knife
    (1) hard to use
    (2)Mostly lose using it
    (3) mostly farm De

  6. Back when clash bangings couldn't goblin knife ._.

  7. Very helpful . Good gob bro althought, I am stronger than you but I have never dare to upgrade both heros at the same time . And after watching this video I will upgrade them without any delay ☺ thanks for the good content.

  8. Paradoxity says:

    I'm at gold I right now and I'm farming for crystal and while I was watching this I got attacked and I got -27 🙁

  9. jiayizhu says:

    I’m pretty late, but I use 20 giants 100 gobs 5 wall breakers and 10 archers at th9. I am in crystal 2. I mostly just wait until I see the dead bases and put giants as a tank and gobs to get the loot OUTSIDE the base with the collectors and mines. I usually end up getting 500k gold and elixir each, 2-3k de each battle. I also cooked up 2 heals 1 rage 1 jump 1 haste but sometimes do not use spells if not needed. If I use spells I can usually get a 1 or 2 star, highly recommended although I am looking for a new strat just for my general entertainment 😂 it can get boring after a while even if you get lots of loot

  10. I’m A rusher they did not work at all

  11. sazan r says:

    Yohh dis relly helps. Meh.

  12. Not very skillful! 😂

  13. Can’t you just get jump spells and goblins

  14. Woww…ur awesome…even CWA & General Tony Don't have guts to make a live attack !!…..

  15. Abdul Munim says:

    I use barch to farm dark elixir and believe me or not it works perfect those drills r the main things which has dark elixir most of the times

  16. I need ur help I sent u a message on message be nice to finally get a respond

  17. That k you so much for your videos I been playing this game since it came out n have 6 different accounts I never stop learning new stuff

  18. Literally most of these are fails, why would you think uploading these was a good idea

  19. Who tried to zoom/scroll/touch the screen as if the game was really opened ? 😂

  20. Alok Besra says:

    you r very good player on coc I see ur attack regularly…. your troops r very good….. your toun holl is 9 aur very black colour tounhall 10 is yello and toun hall 11 is white

  21. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ love your video though it's your first video I'm watching

  22. I'm not very good with goblin knife either but I would try using 6-8 wbs. I do love using giwiz though

  23. I was about to upgrade my valk to Lev 4 then i unfortunately upgraded my king now I have only 15000 dark I need to make it 70000

  24. shem andrew says:

    best th9 dark army is (no heroes needed):
    15 giants, 3 healers 7 wall.b's, 21 wizards, 5 goblins
    with 2 rage, 1 jump, 1 heal and poison spells.

  25. Can you help me with sone attacks? My troops aren't amazing and im a 9

  26. That was a very bad set of attacks… Ssly!

  27. babyscumbagg says:

    Agghghnd fighghnaly weghghe haaghgve aghgha raighghds

  28. Game Ster says:

    sir I love ur work of YouTube.. I'm a big fan of ur vedios

  29. Hunter says:

    the rages dropped where your fingers were… where you were placing goblins

  30. Nostalgic says:

    How do you name your quick train amries?

  31. Alejandro says:

    The first one worked thanks man I subscribed and like u got a new subscriber

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