3 TIPS to PERFECT your AIM in Fortnite


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Here are 3 TIPS to PERFECT your AIM (Fortnite PC Aiming Hacks)! These tips will take you from a beginner to an expert overnight!

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41 Replies to “3 TIPS to PERFECT your AIM in Fortnite”

  1. Logan Miller says:

    what the he has the same keyboard as me

    Edit:nevermind his is mechanical

  2. Sly says:

    just download aimbot, ez.

  3. noakinn says:

    Best ways to improve aim:
    Find a comfortable mouse sensitivity and DPI
    Practice, practice practice.
    Learn travel speeds of projectiles and hitscan.
    Learn different types of aiming, such as tracking and flick shots.
    Remember, aim trainers are good, but it is better to play an actual game, because people generally move unpredictably.
    If all else fails, use aimbot.

  4. Asomeaiden52 says:

    Thanks the aim trainer took me one day and I’m really good at hiting my first try for flicker was 59 now it’s 60 thank you so much like me if you saw this

  5. FaD3_ Galaxy says:

    let me win the give away plzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  6. LashaPlays says:

    thanks man😀😀!!

  7. Smosh Kop says:

    Thanks your the best this helped me a lot

  8. WolfRaider says:

    This guy is terrible

  9. NUTELLA says:

    i tried the site , 23k first try..

  10. Bro I just got 2 kills in a one go up close with a machine gun with a scope wow THanks for the support !!!!

  11. RaZZ Sky says:

    Thank u honestly something different

  12. Jаyhawk says:

    200th dislike, not because i didnt like the video tho

  13. Video King says:

    Watch My Video Big Ass and New Creed 2 Trailer

  14. Rayan Mshi says:

    I dont understand why alot of people says lets go when they kill someone or win a game like where do you wanna go?

  15. just sayin, aimbot would help a million. 😉👌

  16. dog dog says:

    Thank you sooooo much. I really like your attitude and I can tell YouTube and your viewers mean a lot to you

  17. Xpanda M says:

    Dam that's me criminal 202

  18. I got a 18,537 on the tracking

  19. Look ur not ninja or true go back to your insole play lmao

  20. hi
    am i in the giveaway

  21. Xsps says:

    What sensitivity please tell me

  22. eeevansuk1 says:

    wow this helped thx dude

  23. Shadow Meder says:

    Can someone help me when i press right click to aim it stay's aimed till i press right click again same with crouch

  24. Azzan Khan says:

    just me or controller aiming is easier lol on pc

  25. Azzan Khan says:

    my first time i got 18000 but my aim is not that good on fn whats that about you only got 14k

  26. Keith R says:

    More of a beginner guide, I see this great for someone just starting on PC. The single most important thing with aiming, has nothing to do with shooting. It is situational awareness, proper positioning, and enemy prediction. In order to properly harness any type of aim-training you've done. Game-IQ will increase your KD more than any aiming will. You actually practice aiming just by playing. But game-IQ you must focus on. You must question yourself how your situation could of been better, without thinking about your aim. Perfecting your aim should be the last thing you perfect for a game.

  27. bruh sorry to say this
    but you still have a shitty aim

  28. Elvis Luu says:

    This is a noob vid.

  29. How is aimtrainer related to fortnite????

  30. D: says:

    I did very well with the flick shots. Too bad the sensitivity is completely wrong for fortnite.

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