4 finger Claw Vs 5 Finger Claw on IPhone – Fortnite Mobile


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4 finger Claw Vs 5 Finger Claw on IPhone – Fortnite Mobile

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Device: IPhone 8 Plus
Intro Song : PopOut,Polo G Ft Lil Tjay
Servers: Na East
My FPS : 60 currently low graphics
Do I play Claw : Yes 4 Fingers…

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36 Replies to “4 finger Claw Vs 5 Finger Claw on IPhone – Fortnite Mobile”

  1. notwil2 says:

    Drop a Like Plz 😀

    And Sub if new thx 🙂

  2. I’m thinking about getting the iPhone 8 Plus. It looks like it runs fortnite pretty well and it’s a bigger phone so that’s what attracted me.

  3. Super Noah says:

    I wanted to join your clan

  4. zormy blynk says:

    "I am going to post daily " 3 days we are waiting …jk

  5. Divid Fate says:

    Do you still have the clan tryouts

  6. SPE Python says:

    Would you like to be a content creator for spectre elite lillgryn and sods are content creators for us

  7. U should post a video when u play with only common weapons

  8. Slippery_FOX says:

    *Very cool video*💪
    *Very cool video*💪
    *Very cool video*💪
    *Very cool video*💪

  9. I use 4fingers and I need some opinion on editing.
    Do u use ur 👆 fingers to edit
    Or u use the edit button.

  10. Spooky says:

    no hate tho good shit wil

  11. Spooky says:

    i am better than notwil i promise and i play four finger on iphone se. i really think im at my 100% prime on the se and im switching to the xr today im heading to the apple store and im hoping to switch to 5 finger i cant wait

  12. CodyAK says:

    Sweat I’ma go with 5fingers

    Sweat first match getting destroyed by minigun no 🧢

  13. vd. Cypher says:

    Notwil how do u have 60 FPS on iphone8
    I have iPhone 8 but when season 10 started it was capped to 30
    What do I do
    Plz answer

  14. Kenneth Pu says:

    damn you blew up,
    i was here since 5k

  15. Tr3yway Alex says:

    But yeah u have 60fps

  16. Jayden Brown says:

    You play better on 5finger claw

  17. master 210 says:

    4 finger claw is a lot more comfortable and easier to use🤷🏼‍♂️

  18. MiStiX SIVLE says:

    I play 6 finger claw and it is really good

  19. I switched to 5 finger claw a while back and I significantly improved. I do recommend the switch

  20. DrayzDK says:

    Are you playing with a phone case?

  21. Neychot says:

    Just to round up what Wil said:
    4 fingers is more comfortable, but you don't have really good control of the screen
    5 fingers harder to get used to but when you are used to it and practice you can be better

  22. Yessir ! says:

    Tbh it’s nots not a notwil2 video if his sisters arnt messing with him in tha background 😂

  23. Can I join your clan pls

  24. Alison Vlogs says:

    I am going to start playing with 5 fingers now 😎

  25. Am I the only one who has my fortnite in low graphics but it’s really low now since I updated it yesterday? Like it doesn’t finish the graphics

  26. Reign says:

    people say im on one of the fastest iphone editors I play 4 fingers btw

  27. TimZ Fn says:

    Have a good day

    I also make Fortnite mobile content.

  28. Mimi Jb says:

    Make a video using 6 again

  29. Banzaa says:

    Can someone please explain to me what Wil means wen he is talking about the dedicated button

  30. Arkz says:

    How dyu keep Ure FPS high on iPhone 8 Plus I’m on sme device and I always get FPS drop

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