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Hey Guys im xBuzzerman and today I would like to present to you my top 5 funniest clash of clans knockoffs or rip-offs. These games almost directly copy the Clash of Clans concepts and make Clash of Clans look like it’s fail troll. Some of these games though are very fun to play though so I will be reviewing them.

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  1. Boi I play clash of clans and castle clash. Castle is more unique and as aspects that clash doesn’t, and I deleted clash before clash and I got clash before castle because everything cost so much and it would take a day to get not even high lvl troops and buildings

  2. Ya can clearly tell that the sfx were there for the tutorial with the arrow and spinning sfx and all

  3. Damien J says:

    In the coments on the game i found a guy named sprigtrap.my clash of clans username?

  4. Damien J says:

    I found the bomb
    Tip its on the bodom of the base

  5. Ciaran Gamer says:

    Clash of clans was released August 2nd 2012 and Castle Clash was released July 26th 2013… why are people saying Castle Clash was made before?

  6. Harisgok says:

    im starting to think that clash of clans is the copy cat …. of minecraft texture packs!! HEHE XD but for some reason they need to install a diffrent app XD and you lose all ur progress

    in all seriousness plz supercell sue this game

  7. Clash of Clans is basically a pathetic reskin of BYM in many ways. They decided to name P.E.K.K.A after D.A.V.E from BYM (both super strong high HP and damage and relatively slow troops). Look at how specific that is. Then when they came out with night mode, BYM during it's lifetime came out with an underworld that was basically what night mode was (reskin of the original mode with few differences).

  8. You noob the town hall should be in the middle

  9. If the 3rd rip off game of coc was made when grand warden was added, then i think the chaos altar is the eagle artillery.

  10. KAZAZPlays says:

    Clash of lords 2 is a rip off of castle clash witch IS NOT a copy of coc

  11. When buzz played clash of clans

  12. Damien Graal says:

    So basically any game with gold currency, a currency to hire things, and a currency to speed up something is a rip off.

  13. Anakin_ says:

    I know, I’m late, but I do want to comment on this. I’ve played Clash Of Clans for about 4 years and I was level 116, so I was a experienced player, though I did quit about 1 year ago, and I’ve started playing Castle Clash pretty much a couple months after Coc. Anyways, enough with that. What I didn’t like about this video is that you’ve played maybe 5 minutes at the most, did not hire any HEROES which are the main theme of the game. You attack with them, defend and pretty much everything. Very rarely will you see players only using troops. There are also lots of game modes you did not even bother looking into. Oh and Cc was released before Coc, so I don’t get how you can call it a rip-off. Not hate, just thought I’d give my opinion.

  14. Does anyone remembr battle front heros

  15. HaxJason YT says:

    Besides, this is your opinion, you don’t have to make fun of all these games wether I played it or not, I won’t make fun of it. An example of you making fun of it is the title “HILAROUS ripoffs of clash of clans” its not funny…

  16. Tim Andrei says:

    I really love clash of lords 2 and coc

  17. TreeWolf says:

    castele clash in not a rip off because it came out before clash of clans

  18. Blaze of battle is a copier

  19. Devin Ringer says:

    clash of lords 2 is fun

  20. Void Zero says:

    I like rip off of supercell games because I can hack it.

  21. Sniper mini says:

    Cancerous comments inbound

  22. Boxer Chef says:

    It said water for me

  23. Backyard Monster is the origin !!!!

  24. Rexon Gaming says:

    Castle Clash is older than Clash of Clans, that means Clash of Clan is a ripp off of Castle Clash

  25. Adam Wright says:

    wow me and him both have exactly 1421 trophies

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