A Night In Metro – Battlefield 4

Battlefield 4

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Mouse Settings:
400 DPI
6/11 Windows
9% in-game

Setups Used:
AEK-971: kobra + stubby grip
ACE 23: coyote + heavy barrel + angled grip
M1014: full choke + buckshot + ergo grip
G18: mini rds + laser + heavy barrel
and some guy’s M249 with a FLIR xD


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25 Replies to “A Night In Metro – Battlefield 4”

  1. D A N B O says:

    what a pity that you have such bad hitreg 🙁

  2. Yeah I’m just going to steal your class thanks!!!!

  3. Your latency is exceptionally high. You should not continue playing with these fluctuations.

  4. dbt t says:

    whats your thoughts on that server ? i play it alot and why is your ping so high bro ??

  5. Dz- salah says:

    name thes server PLZ

  6. The Doctor says:

    fuck off ravic wannabe

  7. Why are you trying to be ravic?

  8. Bastian says:

    is there still a good amount of people playing this on PC? About to finally get a good computer and cant wait to play this again

  9. nice. stealing Ravic's title and thumbnail style.

  10. reported this vid, contains too much rape

  11. Nathan says:

    Hey Boogly, have you ever played PUBG? And if so, do you like it? Are you planning on uploading some gameplay? And if you haven't played it yet, are you going to play it? Keep up the great work btw 🙂

  12. OnlyNeedJuan says:

    Try the compensator on the AEK, seeing as unless you have perfect horizontal recoil control, you'll be more accurate with compensator every time (so, unless you're a robot, you will do better with compensator stubby vs stubby).

  13. How can you control recoil so fucking well!? Even on console the damn thing has recoil of a .50 cal

  14. warning your ping is over the the limit only

  15. Mustafa Eyad says:

    What's the matter with your ping?
    Nice playing man

  16. Sami says:

    Good night and gameplay. ❤

  17. hey boogly …nice to see you back to BF4 …regards Friedhlem 🙂

  18. CT - 7598 says:

    It's amazing how good this game still is.

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