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Hit a big 97 kill game today, with 200 people watching! Here it is unedited. Whats your highest kill count in a standard ticket game?


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50 Replies to “Battlefield 4: 97 KILLS MVP – Hainan Rush (60fps) | TheBrokenMachine”

  1. Egan Bruce says:

    Cheeky booga. What the he'll does that even mean? I thought boogers come from ur nose. And if there is a booga on ur cheek that's pretty fucking gross lol

  2. Marco says:

    How do you position all the time without getting shot in the back or other angles all the time? This is why i can't succeed in the game. If i play like this i die al the time by enemy's from everywhere.

  3. NoobShot says:

    Just don't know what should I do after getting a hit… I should escape? What should I do?

  4. max bro says:

    Guys thers is an amazing server in bf4 you can cet 200 kills its ksa server in ps4

  5. best I ever got was 110-6 with an 870. don't remember the map but I remember being called a cheater by a bunch of sub level 20 guys

  6. ‎ ‎ says:

    that dude play with 100% sensitivy

  7. I miss this kind of gameplay. :((

  8. 97 kills in 26 min, that's a kill every fifteen seconds, non stop. Very nice.
    (please note; that's an average, I know it didn't happen that way)

  9. What add-ons do you use in your mta weapon and what is sensivitiy number

  10. Ban Ki-moon says:

    my highest was 70 kills in a standard ticket server im on ps3

  11. Yanick Blair says:

    Nice aim assist hacker

  12. i thought you were playing in pc but dude you are a beast. holy 🐄

  13. Akala Aiken says:

    Wow, a skilled console player. Rare

  14. That 2 kill after the mcom blows with 2 tickets left was so slick.

  15. Cooper says:

    My best game, was 1500 ticket HC, 187 & 24 running the AWS, Stubby, Coyote and LS06 Supp. (Conquest) Btw I'm enjoying a lot of your content, one of the top notch Battlefielders you are! Keep it up man. Love from Straya.

  16. KaDu films says:

    my best score 124-11, map Flood Zone, weapon AEK-971

  17. NITEOWL22LR says:

    how are you keeping the mtar from flying all over the place from recoil?

  18. james devine says:

    52 kills on sniper only can't remember what map

  19. Nocturnal says:

    Cain I have your enemies? Mine shoot back

  20. Nice play bro I hope that you can visit my channel and subscribe.i subscribed

  21. you deserve more sub's

  22. dah-veed says:

    This guy is 100% using an xim4

  23. Okay says:

    97 KILLS OMG HOW?!?!? Oh, that's MTAR, ok, it's clear now.

  24. pipotube2 says:

    Nice Game, nice balance team.

  25. xboxgamer says:

    Are you using a mouse instead of a controller?

  26. Allenn Nixon says:

    Sickest plays bro never seen that last objekt when you killed like 10 ppl

  27. Just wondering about this, why use a controller when playing on pc ? advantages and disadvantages?

  28. Andy says:

    Do you have aim assist on??? Just wondering because I'm better with mouse and keyboard but ps4 is pretty much the only thing I can play games with now. It did take me about a week to get used to controller first but it's a lot better now. I turn the aim assist and the other thing that slows down aim near enemy off just to improve my aim faster

  29. How do you quickly show the leaderboard on ps4?
    I knew it on ps3 but on ps4 it don't work?

  30. Amin Barray says:

    my highest was 258 kills in 2000 ticket server the flanks were real

  31. Jabroni says:

    100 sensitivity ? wow

  32. Gritty Gang says:

    what system do you play on

  33. LordLuxL says:

    I would recommend you to put a suppressor on the mtar-21, 100%

  34. John Bailey says:

    R.I.P. rush on PS4 🙁

  35. sebk says:

    i can't even do this on 64p servers :l

  36. KeysForLow says:

    Omg You was it xD. Sry … My Name in Psn is SpIkIe2001 and I was in a Game with you xD i thought that you Arena faker nur you Wasnt ;). Sry for the spam on Psn

  37. paul says:

    5:13 anyone else see the flying body lol

  38. I got 190kills on locker 97 is not that much but it's ok

  39. Alex Nemov says:

    What kind of black magic do you use?

  40. For having almost 5'000 subs your streams (sadly) have so few viewers.

  41. Afl456 says:

    why you dont play without aim assist?you have a lot of acurracy,i think you dont need it

  42. Joebin says:

    You deserve more so much more subs

  43. Damn my best is 72 but we got cut off with two coms left :/
    Either way am insane gameplay dude

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