Battlefield 4 ATI Radeon HD 4600 Series

Battlefield 4

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Win 7
32 bit
2GB Ram
ATI Radeon HD 4600 Series
30 fps

34 Replies to “Battlefield 4 ATI Radeon HD 4600 Series”

  1. thats a fuckin lie, ive treid to make some gameplay and , runs so laggy, fake

  2. Where can I download the drive?

  3. Sollãnor says:

    2gb ram playing bf 4 ;-;

  4. ur game lagging becz of ur RAM IS LOW OR WOT?

  5. Irh Herpto says:

    Hey guys my spec is intel core i3, ram 8GB, Vga Ati Radeon Hd 4600. I will play this game but always direct x error. Can someone help me fix it ? ( I instal a new version of Direct X but still not working )

  6. seems about right. Also stuck with this card until I can get about 600 USD

  7. I have this card, and I hate it. It's probably one of the worst cards I have ever had.. Which is the reason I am upgrading my whole pc to a 1500€ setup..

  8. Nightman says:

    If you set setting to low, it should run fine ( without any lag) , at least it did for me.

  9. give a link to the game and then I have a problem with DH asks 13.9 10

  10. Vhio Martix says:

    man if i had to play like that, with low fps, i would not play at all

  11. ANIL ÇELİK says:

    oyun takılıyor bunun sebebi ram yetersizliğ en az 4gb olması lazım ekran karı bi hayli yeter

  12. Sim M says:

    what supply i need to run this video card ?
    I tryied with 250w but it crashes?

  13. HZ Osman says:


  14. how did u update drivers at 13.12 or up?! i can download max 13.9 and it don t runs

  15. Kadin Miller says:

    I wonder will mantle work with this card?

  16. HZD JukKezz says:

    All Low Settings ?

  17. i have some create buffer error dont know what to do

  18. Já mám ati radehon hd4570 a turion rm75 a jede mi taky v pohodě.. Jen neumíte s PC

  19. FastWheels says:

    Ahoj chtěl bych se jenom zeptat jak jsi stáhnul nové ovladače
    Můj skype:chest000man

  20. It's great but my pc only processor intel core2duo and i don't have large size for installation

  21. It's great but my pc only processor intel core2duo and i don't have large size for installation

  22. Damian Frnka says:

    Mam problem s timto:" DirectX funcion "device->CreateBuffer(&dxFesc, 0,&buffer->m_buffer)" failed with E_INVALIDARG ("An invalid parameter was passed to the returning function."). GPU: "ATI Mobility Radeon HD4600 Series", Driver 13.9 ( " prosim pomoc

  23. Me andara en 3gb de ram y ati 5450 hd 1gb ddr3 

  24. Adam Duchek says:

    jak si to rozjel, mě to hází chybu 😀

  25. win 7 64 bits,amd  atlon neo x2 1,5 , ati radeon 4600 seria HD ?

  26. emergcon says:

    at least it runs… i get the directx error all the time… sux!

  27. how did you update your driver to 13.9?

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