Battlefield 4 Attack Helicopter 221 KILLS! Siege of Shanghai PS4 Gameplay

Battlefield 4

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Old AH gameplay, we had a really good run.

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27 Replies to “Battlefield 4 Attack Helicopter 221 KILLS! Siege of Shanghai PS4 Gameplay”

  1. All the haters here are the ones who can fly a Helicopter or shoot a rocket.. Jar is no hack.. level up bitches!!

  2. TanDaMan2004 says:

    I don’t believe it for one second, anyway he isn’t even that good, horrible video!

  3. This guy is a hacker. I have played against him and he is impossible to kill. He will shoot you through buildings that no one can. Don't believe this shit.

  4. Hyp3rus says:

    Maby we could get together and make a vid and shout each others youtube channel out psn:Rufus_mack_daddy

  5. squigga says:

    but can you do that without a mouse and keyboard?

  6. Lukas Reiger says:

    no offense, but do you use mnk?

  7. Voitech says:

    divide that by 2 for playing on normal server and another 2 for playing on pleb platform… your score is 55, hahhahahha what an achievement, congrats you're a star

  8. thanks to Ghost534Gamer for this video best pilot on ps4

  9. NearlyLego says:

    Dude you're a freaking beast. I just played you and you had 97 kills 0 deaths, completely dominated our team. I thought u were hacking or something made no sense lmao

  10. Marcel T. says:

    Wie dumm. schön warten bis der Helikopter wieder da ist. Ich finde diese Art von spielen richtig bescheuert

  11. impossible! highest for me is 145-1 in a 800T match!

  12. you just got a sub. Do more vids bro

  13. You two won that match then. The enemy team was way better.

  14. natalie muir says:

    Very nice you earned a sub buddy

  15. Nice job dude! can you play without vehicles?

  16. I should have turned left to dodge the stinger… 🙁

  17. tgrim722 says:

    When don't you have a good run? Gg dude

  18. PACO DINO says:

    Could have used some Nickelback in the background. That's what sped thought at least. Did I mention I know sped?

  19. Stingers are for pussys!

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