Battlefield 4 Battlescreen : How will you use it? What are your thoughts?

Battlefield 4

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Battlefield 4 is rolling out more features via battlelog. The Battlescreen really caught my eye because knowledge is power on the Battlefield and thanks to commander mode returning we will have more information than ever at our finger tips as we battle it out as infantry, armor or air.

What are your thoughts? Will you use this? What will you use it? What will you use?

Full Battlelog trailer:

23 Replies to “Battlefield 4 Battlescreen : How will you use it? What are your thoughts?”

  1. battle screen dosent work last gen fuck

  2. 1:28 Boy were you wrong… Vehicles dominating maps is one of my main complaints on the game, especially when the server isn't full.

  3. Morsti10 says:

    did you read my comment? 😀

  4. eightypuff01 says:

    They are really evolving the next gen potential, I like this.

  5. Max Stavro says:

    You will barely lose any performance looking at a map lol. You aren't running a completely seperate game you are just looking at the map of the game.

  6. Max Stavro says:

    You won't lose fps from a 19 inch monitor lol. It takes up your cards band width not frames.

  7. Max Stavro says:

    Browser based so any phone/tablet/computer will be able to view it.

  8. Max Stavro says:

    Wow really interesting please tell me more about what i can already see!

  9. xLawton says:

    Sick, buying a 120Hz monitor and use my old 32" lcd tv for the minimap

  10. If you're able to use a second monitor, I'd gladly sacrifice the extra view of the right or left side of the character to get a huge overview of the map 🙂

  11. lee salvi says:


  12. its a different map looks like a base in the snow

  13. koos asd says:

    oh wait i got a laptop does it work there ? will it increase ping or something please help

  14. koos asd says:

    well that's unless having a second monitor doesn't really decrease performance, but any way i will try it i got a cheap CRT monitor think 19 inch so hope that works i really don't want to loose fps :

  15. koos asd says:

    well i won't use another monitor and decrease performance and it isn't worth buying a tablet for 200$ and if it's really that helpfull as hax i'll quit BF4.

  16. PirateMTH says:

    Will play on console when BF4 his. I will definately use this feature likely via my laptop or a tablet. This will be cool.

  17. Will battle screen work with BF3 or Bf4 only?

  18. PHATERTL says:

    What was the name of that snow map on the battlescreen in the bottom left corner? It looked like Gotland or Botland 07 I think.

  19. ahahahahhahaahahahahhahahahhahahahhahhahaha mac xD

  20. Ryan Saner says:

    Definitely look forward to having your minimap on a separate screen….It'll be on my 2nd monitor fer sure. and than hopefully that'll remove it from my main screen while I play completely! Not a fan of a box in the corner. lol

  21. Second monitor ftw 🙂

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