Battlefield 4 Beta Low FPS, Graphics Card, Loading, Issues and Errors for BF4

Battlefield 4

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FPS and System Specs List

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Install the latest Drivers
You may get Better FPS by switching to Windows 8
If you stick with Windows 7, then Install the DirectX 11.1 update for win 7
CPU Load 100% Problems and Other CPU Issues:
(Some of these issues are with CPU…

25 Replies to “Battlefield 4 Beta Low FPS, Graphics Card, Loading, Issues and Errors for BF4”

  1. halt317 says:

    Im having an ¬†error with joining a server, the error has something to do with outdated graphic drive, don't know what to do… please give me advice!

  2. TopTenGamer says:

    you need to try and stretch for the FX-6350 if you're going AMD. Also, TI boost is good in its price range; however, if you can stretch for a HD 7870 I think you'll feel a lot better about your performance. Only $20 difference for the CPU and $20 for the HD 7870.. so you'll only end up spending about 12% more and get quite a bit more performance.

  3. I didn't have any problems with the beta. Alienware X51 i7 two GTX 690s with windows 8. I think windows 8 actually fixes the lag issues for the beta.

  4. I have an Alienware X51 and that has an i5 and GTX 660. I get 50-80 fps on mostly high with a few things on medium.

  5. Is a AMD FX-4100 3.6GHz processor paired with a decent graphics card like a GTX 650ti boost good enough?

  6. Thebamerx98 says:

    For the beta I was running a
    8350 @4.8Ghz
    Windows 8
    8Gb's of RAM
    7870 XT with 2 Gb of VRAM
    I was getting between 35 min 80ish max and was around the 45-60 most of the time with complete max setting eg.Custom setting and just cranking everything and was very playable

  7. John Doe says:

    Correction CPU OC to 4.5Ghz.

  8. John Doe says:

    As of the latest patch.

    I am running Windows 8
    I5 2500K 3.5 OC
    16GB Ram
    MSI 760

    FPS Between 59-74 on Ultra 2XMSAA

    CPU Runs about 50-55% load.

    Im thinking about putting another card in SLI to try to get to 120FPS for a new monitor I want to get. But I think ill hold off until I test the waters with the final product.

  9. Would be nice to run BF4 on medium 40+ FPS.

    Asus GTX 650 ( non Ti )
    Intel i5-3350p ( quad core ) 3.1 GHz
    4gb RAM ( I will upgrade to 8 GB ).
    I'm playing BF3 on High 60-80 FPS.

  10. Tanksnoobs says:

    this video is very helpful for people who dont know much about drivers, like me i didnt know how to upgrade from 12.10 to 13.10 for AMD and you have the links in the information which is very helpful i thank you for making this video. i will post my specs and fps when the driver is done downloading

  11. TopTenGamer says:

    just get start is back it's like $5… and windows 8 is great with that… it's what I use and I wouldn't even think of going back to 7

  12. Carter Byers says:

    i don't want to change to windows 8 cause its horrible for pc i have i7 and gtx 660 8 gb ram i get 34-45 fps on medium, sucks

  13. ryan a says:

    i7 3.0ghz Turbo
    Nividia GT555m 1.6gb Vram (Laptop)
    6GB DDR3
    New Nividia drivers

    Still getting about 30-35FPS on High settings…

  14. Ben Groenen says:

    I'm playing BF4 on a laptop. I7 @2.0ghz with a GT555M 2GBGDDR5 card in it. 6GB of DDR3 ram and I've been having fps problems. For me the fix was to scale down the resolution. Not the width and height, but the scaling option(down below on the left side of the video options). I had to put in on 50% and medium graphics to get the stable 60 fps gameplay. Hope it helps you out!

  15. i7 920 @ 4.2 ghz. With Asus gtx 780 dcuii. I get around 60-90 fps. Frame dips at lots of particles.

  16. i have 675MCX and i7 3630QM and i get 40+FPS and nw after overclocking my GPU to 1Ghz+ i get 50-60FPS

  17. Every time I play Battlefield 4, I get this weird shit going up on my screen where a bunch of green lines are stretching all over the place and I can't see anything at all. If you want to see, it's on my channel, I can't even play this game man, It's pissing me off, someone help please!

  18. Franky Chan says:

    GTX 770M with I7 4700MQ @2.40GHz
    with low performance 20-50Fps… so bad…. No idea whats happening

  19. NinoDroid says:

    I have an ati radeon HD 7750 1gb and the i3 2.9 ghz so which one should I change cpu or gpu?

  20. Abdul Campos says:

    GTX 660 Ti 2GB OC 40-60 FPS decreases after a while because of high temp caused by CPU usage

  21. Abdul Campos says:

    I have I7 4770k OC 4.20Ghz and I get high CPU usage and high temp.

  22. TopTenGamer says:

    Ya I'll be interested in seeing if i3s are weighed down in the final version of the game. So far from what I'm seeing you're almost pulled into purchasing an i5 or FX 8350 ish CPU… guess we'll know pretty soon.

  23. NinoDroid says:

    My cpu turns 100 percent when i play bf4 I have core i3 daul core 2.9ghz

  24. Around 70% – 97% and it goes up to 100% rarely but i happens..

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