Battlefield 4 FPS test on GTX 680

Battlefield 4

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BF4 FPS test ..

Origin id : xXNovoRossiyaXx

Begining the test with high settings

Ultra settings at 3:20 , Medium settings at 5:40 , Low settings at 6:40

PC Specifications :

i5 4460
Mobo : Asus h97m-e
Gigabyte gtx 680 2gb windforce “stock”
Ram 8gb 1333mhz
Monitor : Asus Vx 238h
Mouse : Razer Deathadder Chroma

Thanks for Watching !

8 Replies to “Battlefield 4 FPS test on GTX 680”

  1. Pixel Team says:


  2. Void _ says:

    انته رجال طيار شجاب بلوكر ?

  3. iiiNF _ says:

    والله البي سي ابداع بس انت باقي ماتعودت عليييه 🙂

  4. KA KR says:

    Nice , that's how bf4 should be played, over 60 fps! , i wonder why you play on ps4 if u got such a pc lol

  5. HADI ALZZEM says:

    ماوس وكيبورد؟

  6. باتل فيلد انخربت على السوني3 وا4 ???وصراحة مع احترامي لك انت مو محترف

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