Battlefield 4 – Full Campaign Walkthrough [4K/60FPS]

Battlefield 4

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A complete walkthrough of Battlefield 4’s singleplayer campaign recorded in 4K resolution and 60FPS. No deaths and no commentary.

Battlefield 4’s single-player Campaign takes place during the fictional “War of 2020”, six years after the events of its predecessor. Tensions between Russia and the United States have been running at a record high, due to a conflict between the two countries that has been running for the last six years. On top of this, China is also on the brink of war, as…

43 Replies to “Battlefield 4 – Full Campaign Walkthrough [4K/60FPS]”

  1. even nowdays this game is broken af, tried the singleplayer & it is full of bugs.

  2. Stormen TV says:

    Detta är tredje världskriget?
    Men 4K är vacker

  3. IRL: 20 mil Vulcan one shot to leg = out of combat

    This game: 10 chest shots and one headshot still guarantees life!

  4. No wonder reviews said that the plot was fucking shallow. It is. The only worthy scene in the whole plot is the part where they have to let the seamen drown. Like what the fuck they killed Dima off without even trying to induce emotions.

  5. Sven Boden says:

    Come on Recker follow me since u Squadleader u must not Speak once during whole campaign and follow orders from ur Squat which u r the leader of??!!!!??!

  6. Sven Boden says:

    Everyone but Tombstone is Squadleader!!!!!!!!

  7. DeckerFI says:

    44:01 Fuck you, stop barking orders.
    44:05 "See the tank, retard?" Yeah I see it, it's a tank!
    44:09 No shit? I thought I was your squad leader, we've been through WARS together. And you're telling me, we need explosives to blow up a fucking tank!
    44:09 And by "we" I assume you mean "me" while you sit and do nothing.
    44:28 Yeah keep repeating that.
    45:24 Oh fuck you! See me doing the heavy lifting here? Yeah, so shut up!
    45:56 I beg of you, be quiet.

    And so it goes on, for almost 4 hours. Have fun…

  8. Jack Payne says:

    I beat this game last night and fantastic game.

  9. Lol … Sg doesnt have "tropical depressions" like this
    So exaggerated

  10. Sinwoo Yoo says:

    this play invokes me cancer…. Arrr

  11. Elon Wong says:

    47:21 HA, Shanghai got nuked

  12. 3:38 …the woman just walked trough the wall okay

  13. Remark67 says:

    Dina death
    Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh OOF

  14. hate all these games where the player you control doesnt talk lmao

  15. Nice video can't wait to play.

  16. 佐藤海翔 says:

    this felt so real. like the real china right now.

    though am not sure you; the player are actually playing the game or just trolling.

  17. Azazin Pidor says:

    this campaign is shit comparing to bf3 one

  18. The aerial hook scene is damn epic.

  19. То чувство когда даже видео не идет в full hd

  20. MemetosEFX says:

    I thought bf4 was world war 2 themed.

  21. Rachmat Sb says:

    chill bro, you play like this life too easy, let the story direct you , dont play like a NOOB

  22. 김관우 says:

    until chapter one, it is awesome, but after that, it's story just going in somewhere in the across the universe.

  23. LIPING LI says:

    I know it is game, but what if it is true.

  24. nivalius says:

    god AI in this game is so retarded… basically the main reason i haven't get through it… in bf3 U could really rely on U'r squadies
    and goddamn Irish is pising me off

  25. coe says:

    you suck in so many levels.

  26. you will never die in this game, just like a god. the robots just too robot.

  27. FrostyAUT says:

    This is one of the worst singleplayer campaigns I've ever played. I just can't believe that DICE/EA spent literally millions of dollars on a campagin with no likeable characters, outlandish Michael Bay-esque action scenes and a story that doesn't make a lick of sense. Who wrotes this shit? At least BF3 started off semi-realistically with Iran being the center of attention for a large part of the game. But this shit here doesn't have a "military" feel to it, you just get stuck with suicide missions for no particular reason with a squad of fuck-ups that they would dishonourably discharge even from bad company (different continuity, I know), and the USA is apparently on its last legs against the Chinese because NATO and half of America's military power doesn't seem to exist in this universe.

  28. Thomas Grey says:

    As per the standard formula, black guy sacrifices hisself and dies at the end. Does not get any booty either!

  29. rr kk says:

    We need to product a game, and it is talking about when the US invades Cuba, our troops will protect the country and push back to New York city~

  30. Einh ander says:

    Irish lost his live for freedom, RIP Irish…

  31. nalong55 says:

    30:39 "OOHH a piece of cake"

  32. পথিক says:

    Your tactics in the field is very poor. lots of waste of ammo.

  33. "i dont trust you girl. i dont trust you. i dont think youre playing for my team girl, i dont trust you. you give me no reason to. I dont trust you girl"

  34. 이상원 says:

    Taiwan No.1 Free Tibet  Tenanmeon!!

  35. cw f says:

    played like a old lady

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