Battlefield 4: G36C Weapon Review! Best Gun For Noobs

Battlefield 4

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Battlefield 4 How To Unlock G36C & Review! (BF4)

Today, I review the G36C Carbine Rifle in Battlefield 4. Enjoy!

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40 Replies to “Battlefield 4: G36C Weapon Review! Best Gun For Noobs”

  1. This gun is fucking ridiculous on Golmud. People in the open out-sniping my SCAR-H SV with it.

  2. Mark P says:

    Nice assessment. Lots of great details and objectivity.

  3. Games Cooky says:

    I love this gun. Such a great looking gun 😀

  4. Lee Howling says:

    what the fuck is a noob! 

  5. And good news are, that the if you buying the naval strike expansion, you'll instantly getting the "ghost patch" what changes the g36c's 650 rpm to 800 rpm and even faster reload time.

  6. i love this gun but i suggest a pistol you like in a pinch i use the g18 for those slow reload situations

  7. Eetu Tiiro says:


  8. Kofee Coley says:

    Why do you use flares they do nothing

  9. herman lau says:

    Guess this is an under-rated gun in bf4

  10. Terry Betts says:

    She's my baby this carbine 😀

  11. Patrick Carp says:

    Hivoltag3r i think you switched it around. The ace 23 is for noobs beacause they think lmgs or pdws are shit because all they do is look at videos to see what is the best weapon instead of trying it out for them selves

  12. i sub ur videos zynov nice vid g36c

  13. Piper Oh Man says:

    i use the g36c and im lvl 113 n my k.d is 4 sooooooooooooooooooooo

  14. Kater says:

    This isn't just a good gun for noobs, I personally think it is the best gun in the game. And god it looks sexy. It is also fantastic in the hands of a proffesional player.

  15. Kater says:

    This isn't just a good gun for noobs, I personally think it is the best gun in the game. And god it looks sexy. It is also fantastic in the hands of a proffesional player.

  16. HiVoltag3R says:

    The g36c is for noobs and ace 23 is for pros, huh? Because noobs love hard to use guns and you gotta be a pro to use the easiest gun in the game

  17. bgrabe4590 says:

    should only take a few games to unlock it?  on what fucking planet?

  18. Blaine Kim says:

    Are you kidding me thats an average reload speed and its actually a decent reload time

  19. What's a good load out for the m416 please reply?? I'm stuck

  20. M3tal747 says:

    i like how you put video clips of you failing and actually getting owned.unlike most of these other guys that do reviews that just shows them owning everything so they can look pro ..nice review

  21. Riley says:

    Hey so i wanted to know, even if youre not using the gun, but still capturing objectives with the gun out, does it count towards the carbine or do you just have to get assists and kills with it?

  22. fox rider says:

    Why in game does it say you can unlock this gun by scoring a certain amount in a campaign mission?!

  23. High Zoraa says:

    Great review You're awesome man , subbed!

  24. Thats ur opinion. I dunno whats worst. The ability to spam and win or actually having accuracy. I dont think the acc is very good on the g36c. And i use iron sights and lights atm.

  25. I also use iron sights and drop enemies most times. Always did always will

  26. Best gun for noobs how? Its been nerfed and I dont wanna start mentioning the auto sniper spammers and shottys out there.

  27. How would the G36C be OP with it's real 750 RPM rate of fire? Every single carbine except for ONE would STILL shoot even faster than 750….and those don't seem OP. There was no reason for DICE to fuck the G36 up buy nerfing the shit out of it's fire rate. The gun is out played by every other carbine because of this. It needs a buff back to normal.

  28. Dude your videos are sooo good , but i can't play bf4 i'm having too much problems .

  29. thank you im a battlefield noob gonna take your advice

  30. Chriss Eo says:

    Hey I'm a new Bf player just hit rank 15. Can u do some videos on sniper? And play on Pc u can get really big.

  31. Dennis LP says:

    Can you review any vehicle?

  32. aNg3r says:

    The ACE 52 is defo the best Assault rilfe

  33. Mclelland J says:

    Switch gun and switch back again, that usually fixes the sights for me after a second (on PS3).

  34. Yes it is good on PS3 but it can be glitchy on current gen

  35. Alex says:

    Well done just picked the game up for ps4,cant wait

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