Battlefield 4 – GOL Magnum ACOG 4x Scope & P226 Trusty Sidearm – Hainan Resort BF4

Battlefield 4

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Viewer Setup/Gun Request, where you request a gun you want to be used. Today, the request was for me to use – the GOL Magnum (w/ ACOG) and P226.

– Hunter Bob’s Viewer Setup

If you have any gun request/viewer setups, just let me know in the comments below. It can be a gun, attachments, camo, map, gamemode, kit/class, kit/class equipment, etc. get as creative as you want šŸ™‚ It…

21 Replies to “Battlefield 4 – GOL Magnum ACOG 4x Scope & P226 Trusty Sidearm – Hainan Resort BF4”

  1. I know bf4 is super old but I wanna see you run a CS5 and a 44 Deagle!

  2. Trowa says:

    The straight pull has made snipers OP as fuck in this game. It basically lets you rapid fire any powerful rifle, removing any kind of aiming skill when you can just flood the area with rounds. And putting a short range site makes it even worse. The straight pull should be removed from the game, and the short range sites as well for snipers. Also, get rid of the stupid flashlight scope glint that shows up 100% of the time while ADS with a long range scope. Make it show up only when the sun is in a position to actually reflect off it, and remove it entirely in cloudy, stormy, or otherwise weather conditions.

  3. Chagotta says:

    Ä° love agoc 4x scope and magnum just perfect

  4. I'm a sniper and I always run the m1911

  5. Infinity says:

    3.4x prisma
    striaght pull bolt
    laser sight

    any attachments

    you can choose the other stuff šŸ™‚

    i kinda want to try this one out. wanna see how a pro handles it.

  6. Finale says:

    3:43 the guy who killed you was a hacker.

    that's what I think…

  7. Wanna play bf4 sometime

  8. Sham Paka says:

    I had the best experience in bad company 2. Best game ever šŸ˜€

  9. Der LuKaZ says:

    Battlefield 4 has now a ''Kill-cam bug'' The kill cam shows you someone who doesn't killed you. Don't wonder…

  10. Rahul Singh says:

    If there's an M416 BF4 gameplay you did, you have my sub.

  11. sasquatch446 says:

    I think with that bullshit showing someone far away that killed you is that he put a lot of damage into you and then someone else finished you off (lol) but he probably got the "assist count as kill" that my theory behind it.

  12. What's your gamertag I can add u

  13. U playing the xbox one

  14. Dude cud I you should play titanfall.

  15. Can you post some bf3 or bc2 gameplay? I had lots of fun playing these last days because bf4 was being stupid

  16. lXamakit ooh says:

    ajjajaj Your comentary is similar to ChayBoy XDĀ 

  17. Mescudi Reid says:

    Battlefield 4 – GOL Magnum ACOG 4x Scope & P226 Trusty Sidearm – Hainan Resort BF4

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