Battlefield 4 Helicopter Shenanigans – Dragon’s Teeth Edition

Battlefield 4

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The Map we were playing on is Sunken Dragon, it’s pArt of the DRagon’s Teeth DLc. It’s also the only map in the DLC with any helicOpters on it.

Oh and the reason for the DMR is I was trying to come up with a weapon that could be the most annoying or rage inducing way to kill someone from the chopper with. An LMG might work better in certain situations but the DMR I know will drive anyone nuts from the sound and suppression alone ( messes with engineers using SRAW’s ).

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26 Replies to “Battlefield 4 Helicopter Shenanigans – Dragon’s Teeth Edition”

  1. it's pArt of the dragons teeth dlc, Nice job Blackmesatech

  2. The dislikes are the people who got fucked up xD

  3. Adahop says:

    Smack's really entertaining. 😀 Also I was sad to not see the round score at the end.

  4. prograham says:

    You are by far the most entertaining BF channel. <3 ya since BC2!!  

  5. aL Quarter says:

    people are trying to play the game and you just drop c4 from a heli 

  6. Gus Santa says:

    Crap crap crap AIMBOT SHOWOFF

  7. mighty max says:

    I've always loved how excited Smack gets.  

  8. gregorius77 says:

    I was going to say your recent videos lacked any Smaack but then you go and post this one. Always fun to hear his outbursts.

  9. timmian85 says:

    Smack is unusually chipper in this vid..

  10. infidile says:

    Battlefield 4, where if you're above rank 30, you're probably unemployed. Above rank 50, probably unemployed with no GF and above rank 80, unemployed, no GF, virgin and lives with mom

  11. Is this what Battlefield is all about now? Jezzz… I'm must be getting really old… Nostalgia of the BF2 and BF42… Really dumbass game.

  12. Babydel777 says:

    Always good seeing Smack.

  13. Ragefor3Dayz says:

    Any chance of having more gameplay with Smack AND Musik? Makes the video that much more entertaining to watch.

  14. Go BFBC2! I'd like to play with ya people. My ID: ReDuffi.

  15. Miau Frito says:

    Pancake with oniOns and beetLe legs sprinkled on tOp

  16. Gramps Hiro says:

    I love that you need to explain that you can use the minimap.

  17. Detraque says:

    Ravic, do you have any tips or tricks to help improve our BF4 experience and/or skill? :3

  18. Amperu says:

    Derping with XTS-sMaaviCk

  19. Joao Augusto says:

    So…there will be a Deagle video Ravic?

    I miss your .44 or Rex only gameplays…

  20. Hey ravic I I've been subbed for almost three years now and I KNOW this is completely out of character for you but I think it would be interesting to see you play through a horror game like Outlast or Amnesia. Just a suggestion, I think it would be interesting to hear your reactions and maybe see if you actually have emotions too XD

  21. Eric Storm says:

    Smack remind me of Flynn from BC2, don't know why =D

  22. VeysTheGreat says:

    Y' won't fix the desc will ya xD

  23. Those kills with M39 EMR wat

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