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Battlefield 4

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19 Replies to “Battlefield 4 Helicopter Tutorial | Advanced Flying and Defending Yourself | MasterGaming”

  1. Thanks for the guide. I now am a much better pilot for my Branch. My platoon is much happier with me

  2. buginjection says:

    You deserve much more views and likes mate

  3. samarezii1 says:

    damn this is the best tip vid ive seen!

  4. l0new0lfzed says:

    do you use default heli controls?

  5. Windu says:

    great technical layout of those maneuvers man, very helpful.

  6. gnert1111 says:

    Nice tips and tricks. Really good for a chopper noob like me, currently. : D Keep it up!

  7. Awesome video w great info

  8. THINGS says:

    what video editing software do you use?

  9. BFFw/Hatchet says:

    Tnx man, loved these maneuvers!

  10. are you playing on a mouse? if so is max dpi a good idea for heli

  11. chielrask says:

    thanks for this awesome guide, i think i am a pretty good chopper pilot but some of these maneuvers i hadnt even seen, definetely gonna try to learn and master them, thanks again 🙂

  12. Before i saw this videos my overall skills using the chopper where awfull, thanks for the sharing!

  13. Great video man. Loved the hammer head maneuver. I'm going to have to give that a try.

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