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I HAD TO RE-UPLOAD MY ADVANCED HELICOPTER VIDEO! If you’ve already watched it, be sure to throw a like on it. Thanks.

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50 Replies to “Battlefield 4 Helicopter Tutorial | Advanced Flying and Defending Yourself | MasterGaming”

  1. I really do learned and liked this tutorial. Keep it going!

  2. wow.  mind blowing! im a div.1 in the scout heli and i can wreck with it. but if there is only an attack heli, i was left in the dust. because of this video im a div.1 in attack helicopters. keep up the great work. you just earned a sub

  3. Avdol says:

    Good video man. Looking forward to any future content you may put out. I sent you a message in regards to this. If you're at all interested, feel free to contact me and we can discuss it further. Thanks and I hope to see more videos soon!

  4. M1k3Thirteen says:

    Great video and awesome flying!

  5. MasterGaming says:

    Sorry I haven't gotten any YouTube videos out lately. I've been very busy working. Be sure to check out my work at and if you're wanting to build a responsive website be sure to like to stay updated on release info!

  6. Frank Crain says:

    Is it just me or does this guy sound like Mr. Rodgers?

  7. I learned my awesome pilot-ness from a, now close, friend. But I don't do well in 1-1 confrontations xD

  8. thEstRonG3r says:

    How to know when the enemy has launched the heatseeker rackets so to activate the flares? 
    I see the scout enemy activates the flares when you just point to him and not shoot him with rackets. What is the beep difference between just pointing a target and shooting to him?

  9. EpicBro01 says:

    What are these controls on hardline they are different?

  10. Oh fuck yea you have no idea how hard i searched the other day for advanced tips and i just stumbled upon this video by accident. Only one i've seen on here.

  11. go0fy11137 says:

    The attack helo is a gentleman's vehicle and IMO takes the longest to learn with the most hazards. Never fly in a straight line for too long, always remember to spot for your gunner (as well as yourself for finding that stinger engineer), and fly behind objects to break locks. Don't get antsy and immediately get back out there with 20 sec. left for the counter-measure recharge. Play it safe and let it charge back up! I run ECM jammer and Gyro stabilizer that way if I get tagged I can un-fuck myself out of that awful spiral the hit sends me into. Prioritize your targets as well! Let the infantry walk unless you see a lot of them, keep your eye out for other attack helo's, and focus on the Triple A vehicle (MAA) and MBT's. I'm an air-to-ground pilot so I run TOW's and Hydra for versatility. Fire off both TOW's then immediately flip back to your Hydras and sweep him up for the kill. If another AH gets too close and you don't have a gunner make sure you lead him with those Hydras and fly above him so his gunner can't get a decent shot with the cannon. Always keep it moving as a dumb fire MBT can still bring you down unexpectedly. Keep circling as you face the target so you can burn him without any fear of a lucky RPG hit or a tank shell. The only real way I can say to use this vehicle is to practice with it and see what suits you best. I've had too many gunners that take naps on infantry so I stick with Hydra, but I know some great pilots that swear by Zuni. 

  12. Connor Smith says:

    This helps me Evan on xbox

  13. El Mata says:

    It would be great to have a look at your hands pressing buttons corresponding to what happens on the screen 🙂

  14. tokebroke says:

    ive never been first at any thing

  15. daogenify says:

    I'm good but you're fucking awesome 😀

  16. Carter Grant says:

    Hey can u tall me your gamertag

  17. Horia Horja says:

    Nice , Tnx dude 🙂

  18. PintLasher says:

    omg Master187!! PintLasher here haha didn't know you were on yt. I only just noticed your in-game name lol Maybe I'll see you on bz later

  19. Harpazo says:

    Nice vid… My biggest problem is that. one infantry can single handedly take down a chopper, not to mention that jets can ram you and survive the impact. What are your tips for wide open maps, and how are you making your chopper respond so fast? I don't seem to be able to make it turn as quickly as you can.

  20. Great video man, heli fights are dope, i need to get better tho

  21. What is the intro song????

  22. Hello MasterGaming, you will have some tips for PS4 pilot……please

  23. In BF4, I tend to encounter many opposing attack helis that have Air Radar. This allows them to see me as well as me seeing them but when we come face to face it seems to be a battle with rockets flying randomly etc. Is there anything you could do to guarantee killing the enemy attack heli in this situation. I understand you will probably all say have a gunner and I know that, but besides from having a gunner is there anything else I can do to take out my opponent, quickly and safely? I have no problem with transport helis but the attack helicopters seem to kill me all the time. Thanks in advance. If you could tell me the steps you do when taking out an enemy chopper that will be great, for example approach it from the side, fire first heatseeker then shoot hydras on enemy rotor etc.

  24. Digger 55 says:

    I can fly good no problem. just when I get into combat I fuck up and get shot up.
    for some reason i can never find engis that are stinging me ??? maybe a gunner with comms might help ??

  25. Boom_OG says:

    This was very helpful man! I believe I have also played with you on some servers on bf4 😀 gg and keep it up!

  26. Nuno Silva says:

    Até eu faço isso

  27. Good tips. I must say you're pretty skilled!

  28. awesome video, very helpful, keep up the good work. i like you work.

  29. Floh says:

    I'm a veteran pilot from bf3, and i generally do very well, but jets seem overwhelming and almost impossible to deal with if they know what they are doing, any suggestions?

  30. Thanks for the help! Subbed btw

  31. James Wilson says:

    hydra,smart,zuni which one should i choose

  32. Dan says:

    i found that ur buttons have to be set on vet to do the hammer head correct me if im wrong  

  33. Do this works with the Little Bird? The first maneuver is like impossible with it…

  34. why is still under 100k he a realy good tut guy 

  35. Str1000ac says:

    keyboard+mouse or a joystick ?

  36. LtDoubleTap says:

    Really good tutorial

  37. Joshua Mckee says:

    Man this shit is just pure greatness now only if I could do it I'm on console and for some reason I'm having a hard time doing it

  38. DJ SALA says:

    holy shit you don't need any of this. your bad

  39. Cody Austin says:

    I definitely don't know when to back off. I'm on your ass until the job is done. But I guess that's my problem.

  40. Thanks man the circle strafe is also called funneling it also helps your gunner mow down guys in buildings as you fly around it 😀

  41. YOUNG SPICE says:

    show keyboard buttons necesary for manuvers

  42. Chris says:

    is flare or ecm better?

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