Battlefield 4 – Jet Tutorial – Hotkeys, Sensitivities & Loadouts

Battlefield 4

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23 Replies to “Battlefield 4 – Jet Tutorial – Hotkeys, Sensitivities & Loadouts”

  1. You can also plug a usb controller in, like a dualshock 4 or in my case, an old 360 controller (yes I know but it works for me). While on foot it's mouse and keyboard, and then choppers and jets I pick up the controller which I just have in my lap. Real fancy stuff like jet swapping is harder but the basics will feel very intuitive.

  2. foghornblue says:

    After comparing some of the popular hotkey guides, this strikes me as the smartest layout. Might take a while to get accustomed, but seems worth it.

  3. 6TeaBit says:

    you dont have to use the mouse to fly jets you can use the arrow keys

  4. luke kin says:

    This has got to be the best jet tutorial on YouTube. I was a pretty shitty pilot before coming across this video. After I did, I became so much better almost immediately.
    I barely get more than four aerial kills in a match. However, after watching this tutorial and practicing on the Practice Map based on what this video has taught me, I managed to get 15 aerial kills in a row! It was amazing! I was astonished. Thank you very much, Ghost.
    I really appreciate it! Do leave a reply.

  5. I only get to fire 1 laser guided missile when using stealths

  6. Mundy1818 says:

    hmm..interesting guide… clear and informative… i hope im not gonna fock up myself into the hill with jet after 10 seconds of flyin and 3 minutes waiting for jet spawn 😀

  7. a glitch for the vehicles is that when the match ends if you are in the vehicle the 3.000 points are going to be added to your vehicle points
    this is in my opinion a very good glitch that have helped me a lot

  8. Look4ThatCat says:

    hey hope u can help
    in ur video u takling about (changing the key to tab )sides view in ur words"full map view " now wht do i need to change in order for it to work?
    was realy hard for me i triyd evrything nothing workss…tnks in advance D

  9. Twanneman says:

    very usefull! thanks for the video!

  10. i binded my space to pitch up and it goes down everytime i hit space

  11. Pc Skills says:

    hey man i hope you answer me quick
    you are very pro with the jet and your hotkeys help me alot
    just have one problem with my mouse lately i have bought a razer deather mouse 10k Dpi and installed the razer synapsa program but do you disabled the mouse settings of the windows and how because i have set try to set the Dpi 1600 Like you and get fast fast move with it please help me with this how to disabled the mouse settings of windows just to use the Dpi of Razer Deathadder program

  12. Kitsune says:

    so sad can get a single kill with a jet >.> either get killed or i dont do any damage

  13. longasaurus says:

    Wow i love your video 🙂 its great tyvm for the tips and that.. but i still sucks 🙁

  14. Avenger 21 says:

    What Gpu does he use

  15. DROPLIKEAFLY says:

    most of the flight ceilings are in the 1000. usually between 1200-1700. but me personally stay in the 900 to be safe. they're all above 900

  16. TheLastWish says:

    Awesome video man 🙂 Keep up the tips 😉 and about the Mini Map tip I'm already a Hawk so I don't need that tip xD

  17. What I don't understand about jet piloting is how to actually fly. How to maneuver, how to do sharp turns. What I do is I roll with mouse left/right and press that space button (pitch up) to turn, but it doesn't seem to work very well for me, AND I have so much trouble tracking a helicopter with my crosshair. I often roll upside down and hit the ground while trying to stay on target.

  18. How do u freelook on ps4?

  19. i play in ps4 and the tank sensetivity is so low can i increase it?

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