Battlefield 4 L96A1 Holo Sight Sniper Gameplay! (BF4 Aggressive Recon #6)

Battlefield 4

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Battlefield 4 L96A1 Aggressive Recon Gameplay! Smash that LIKE!
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42 Replies to “Battlefield 4 L96A1 Holo Sight Sniper Gameplay! (BF4 Aggressive Recon #6)”

  1. Kingkai101 says:

    stay most lol!!! im a new sub and have no clue if you will give this a read but your funny as hell. its like watching two old people fuck so funny

  2. Michael haze says:

    we wanna see a sniper with a different scopes

  3. i says:

    Best Dodge commercial i have ever seen

  4. azmanabdula says:

    Hands down my favourite sniper rifle…..

  5. Sablemike38 says:

    Sorry pwn, but I really don't see the point in using a holo sight on a sniper rifle. Like, in dat case u might as well be using a quick fire DMR like the SKS imo. It just to look cool or wut?

  6. Karson6410 says:

    Pwn, you sound like my algebra teacher, NOT KIDDING.

  7. You are an epic commentator man, you just know how to make things flow. Epic work keep it up!

  8. i tried doing the like with my forehead. and i hit it to hard so now i have a piece of my screen glass in my forehead. because i broke it….

  9. Ali Buchiri says:

    What you play on ps3 or 4 or xbox

  10. Prof. Plump says:

    Very nice ending. Props.

  11. Fuck yeah pwn! Favorite rifle in BF3 and BF4 :3

  12. I liked and subscribed for the white crayon.

  13. Bob Marley says:

    in bf3 the only sniper i used was the l96

  14. Shawn Mark says:

    L96A1 is one of ur new bitchs now

  15. Shawn Mark says:

    LMAO dafuq dude u have the most arbitrary things sayin in your commentaries i like that… ur original 

  16. Roglie says:

    It doesn't make sense what you're doing with this HOLO scope. It takes sometime after you aim down sights for the rifle to become accurate. Quick scoping doesn't work. 

  17. How come you almost always get one-shot kills?

  18. Exoime says:

    The black tiger camo looks so good on this weapon

  19. doniblainer says:

    I used this rifle alot in BF3. Frankly, in general i'm not a good sniper, but this sniper was the only sniper i could finish in top five. while using all the other i was shit beyond shit.

  20. Hai Hai says:

    Really shitty to blatantly steal TheBajanCanadian's "smash that like button" outro. At least come up with something original.

  21.  MK11 MOD 0, angled grip, heavy barrel and FLIR [IR 2X] any class you want Mr PWNSTAR. I'm sure DMR's can be put to good use with the right person, YOU !

  22. Divine says:

    please use l96 again with 8x scope

  23. Reason why not many people use le l96 was hard unlock dor a dlc wep

  24. I got 1174 kills just with the l96 in bf3 it was the best

  25. shaq henry says:

    how did you get the l96

  26. "stay mois…COLLATERAL!" lol

  27. khmarabroona says:

    hey pwn how come i dont see these weapons in my loadout

  28. Zenna Mans says:

    Just saying it would be pretty sweet if Pwnstar would go ahead a show off the goodyness of gernades and how they've been boosted the fuck up. Same with all the cool new knifes and how you can slice off nipples and wear them as war badges. 

  29. How did you get that camo?

  30. try to use the SRR-61 with 8x scope, silencer and laser, i like this sniper and i wanna see you playing with it, thanks!

  31. I just unlocked this weapon and I love it.

  32. RunningPepe says:

    Can you have mtar , mp7 and the other weapons on playstation. And have you to be premium.

  33. TheRadPi says:

    Do you have any idea how many times I jealously say "oh fuck you" because of the insane CQC streaks you go on? I hate you so good.

  34. Man, you were beasting the shit out of them at the end.

  35. Rexxing says:

    Pwn i want your L98A1 in my mouth. I suck too

  36. Fysh says:

    Poopy gun loadouts BF4 edition 🙂

  37. Unkknown says:

    people who dislike good videos like this, just for the sake of disliking.. are the ones who should have been aborted

  38. Hey Pwn why dont u try a Semi-auto Sniper like the SKS(BF3) RDSed
    idk im just sayin

  39. ttcadden says:

    pwn have you changed your render settings? this video looks much better than the last. anyway keep up the good work!

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