Battlefield 4 MP: Large 64 player Conquest on Golmud Railway (K/D=31-11) (PC, Ultra, 1080p) GTX 680

Battlefield 4

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Awesome game on Golmud Railway where we closely worked with a couple of my mates in squad. I really like this map, especially the cool moving flag concept with “D” that’s actually a train moving slowly across map on tracks! The only problem is sound cutting out completely or partly at times, like car or tank engine and you just drive in complete silence. It’s actually a game glitch present on some maps like this one for many people so don’t shoot me for it!

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  1. JJPasadena says:

    I just happened to find your channel today because I was searching for Golmud Railway videos. I ended up watching this entire episode beginning-to-end and I just sub’d to your channel because I like the way you play.

    p.s. the whole battle you had at Alpha flag starting around the 23:00 min mark was absolutely BADASS entertaining TV. I know this is old, but it’d be cool if you revisited BF4 every so often. Keep up the great work. Cheers!

  2. COD is a very limiting arena shooter. It doesn't even compare with Battlefield.

  3. Battlefield, the game I play when I'm done with corner campers and streak farmers in CoD. Fucking love BF4. Great gameplay, I've looked ages for a normal golmud conquest video

  4. why the fuck do you play as assault on conquest

  5. Ghiles DZ says:

    this is the best gamplay of bf4 i have ever seen i will just rebuy it soon

  6. you have to play this on ps3 my god it's boring…Sometimes I check the scoreboard to see if there is anyone playing

  7. my best game is battlefield. I know it's the best

  8. Computer guys have it the best, 64 man servers. THATS BATTLEFIELD. This 24 man server bs is a waste of the maps space. If bullets arent wizzing overhead every second its not fun to me. It seemed like for the console battlefield 3 was better at kinda forcing large scale firefights in most maps for consoles. I could only imagine what battlefield 3 was like for the computer. Damn i miss my computer

  9. Jim Duse says:

    BATTLEFIELD: one of the best war games of all times

  10. Sean Peel says:

    How do I find this server?

  11. Jesus says:

    shitty, shitty res

  12. icarus0206 says:

    I can't believe I'm seeing the gun I trained with in an actual game. Looks so much cooler than the real thing with all the attachments and all. 

  13. Boramor says:

    Awesome bro but what do you record.

  14. acarnut1987 says:

    Is this hardcore but with the map? Like BF3? 

    Hope so

  15. Samuel Evans says:

    Nice gameplay mate keep it up u have earns a sub and a like 🙂

  16. What is ur favorite BF map of all time?

  17. What is your favorite map in BF4?

  18. TLudt888 says:

    Is this Hardcore or a Custom setting? There's a minimap, but no HUD in the bottom right and friendly fire.

  19. dekal1 says:

    Damn you punked the shit out of that anti air-unit. That was funny.

  20. Victor Hiram says:

    Ok i see your config ! ^^ Good ! 

  21. Victor Hiram says:

    I LOVE YOUR CHANNEL ! What 's your config please ? 

  22. Javier Perez says:

    Fuck!! Graphics look insane!!
    You guys know if xbox one graphics are gonna look like this?

  23. swissbliss24 says:

    The running seems too fast.  There is something about not running that fast in Battlefield that not only seems more realistic but seems more fun.  Does anyone know if you do indeed run faster without sprint or with sprint as compared to Battlefield 3 in the same regards?

  24. HonkAbby says:

    Awesome gameplay video, really shows off the map well.

  25. This brings me back SO MUCH to Bad Company! BF3 was a fail! THIS is Battlefield for fuck's sake.

  26. Well it is indeed mine, thank you!

  27. Sick ….just unruley… If this is your gameplay then you sir are quantum medi eviley ruthless… sighting targets for team mates- squad relay and command on form and kill rate and overall game-play, relentless and forthcoming … 5 stars to you. ammo drop, heal, revive, "enemy spotted", capture flag, weapons upgrade ingame… multi kill.. GET SOME!

  28. Uh sorry man, I don't speak French :S

  29. Tdzou Plume says:

    si un français passe dans le coins es-que les problème de soncdans les véhicule s'on courant ou sa arrive très peux ? car dans bf3 sa na jamais était corrigé c'eux problème

  30. It wasn't at the time, YouTube was still processing, you just had to wait a bit 🙂

  31. I sure do, despite that yes, BF4 is much more colorful.

  32. SuperArppis says:

    Shame, I kinda liked it.

  33. no battlefield just got rid of all the blue

  34. why is not at 1080p? :(, anyway great gameplay!

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