Battlefield 4: MTAR-21 Weapon Review! | How To Unlock & Best Loadout (BF4 China Rising DLC)

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Battlefield 4: MTAR-21 Review & How To Unlock! (BF4)
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In this video, I decided to review the MTAR-21 Carbine Rifle. This weapon is available in the China Rising DLC and is a really fantastic weapon. I was having a lot of fun spraying people down. Tell me your experiences using the MTAR-21 in the comments section, if you have already mastered this weapon!

Oh, and I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!

MTAR-21 Weapon Stats:…

29 Replies to “Battlefield 4: MTAR-21 Weapon Review! | How To Unlock & Best Loadout (BF4 China Rising DLC)”

  1. Abdallah AMD says:

    I just like this gun, because it's a dlc weapon and people will be GEALOUS

  2. Biker 360 says:

    do you have to have china rising

  3. dont have the dlc why put it as an option in game if you dont have the fucking dlc i.could of unlock it like 10 times already 😡

  4. KoryN38 says:

    I got the 4 kills in the same match and it did not unlock.

  5. Robert Ball says:

    Do u need to unlock carbines to unlock this cause I did it and I didn't get it

  6. This is an easy task to complete. Go in a 64 player match on Operation Locker and go from there

  7. HAWK says:

    I've just started doing battlefield video's I think the game is awesome, Nice video!

  8. what is the server's name ?

  9. vance says:

    It will be like using the aek-971 again

  10. vance says:

    R u sure it has to be in 1 match

  11. Zachagaweea2 says:

    I got lucky and got it in the 2nd match that I was trying to get it in..I started with the sniper, headshot. Switched to my lmg easy kill. Went to assault easy kill with that and a lucky grenade and got it. Two things I learned is It has to be an assault rifle I tried with a carbine at first and I used v40 minis and that worked

  12. I did all of them in one round but i didnt get it does that chellenge have to show up?

  13. Lmg AR sniper gernade all in one life wat

  14. Actually, mtar-21 damage dropoff in 50m is 18. And reload time empty 3.0s and one bullet chambered is 2.5s

  15. Do you have to be rank 10 and china rising to be able to do the multi talent ?

  16. s10055072 says:

    L85A2 and MTAR-21 are hardest to unlock in China Rising DLC.

  17. jacob ritter says:

    The easiest way in my experience to unlock it is to go on Operation Locker, start with sniper, and try to get grenade kills as you go along. (V40 minis were the best for me as I got three chances per life)

  18. Chris Lerma says:

    I was just about to shit on you for your computer graohics then i realized your playing on a shitbox 😀 great vid

  19. robfrmny21 says:

    It's a magazine reload not a clip

  20. I unlocked it in one match with my freind helping me I wasn't cheating he was just covering me the whole time

  21. TheFaustBox says:

    Hey I also play on Xbox 360 I'd love to play with you sometime. The video was great I even subscribed. I just unlocked the MTAR about an hour ago and I loved the 3 or 4 games I played with it. Can I add you on Xbox live?

  22. Brendon Yeoh says:

    Hey +Zynov | Battlefield 4
    I've did all these in 1 round but with default grenades. M146, default LMG from the Support Class and the default sniper from recon. And I still cant unlock it. Any ideas? Sorry if this is a stupid question :/

  23. robfrmny21 says:

    Can you do a video about making diff classes and why to use what class and where. I've figured it out but was was a lil time consuming.
    Is there a way to fix your classes off line ?

  24. Jose Velez says:

    In what game mode is the challenge valid cause I have tried a lot of times and I haven't unlocked it.HELPPP

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