Battlefield 4 Mythbusters: Episode 1

Battlefield 4

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“Home Tonight” by DoKashiteru


45 Replies to “Battlefield 4 Mythbusters: Episode 1”

  1. Johnny Depp says:

    Who’s watching in 2017?

  2. Did Muselk copy? Or did you copy Muselk? OR DID EVERYONE COPY THE MYTHBUSTER SHOW??

  3. YUNG // FIFE says:

    That fourth one is some amazing attention to detail. Kudos, dice.

  4. zBlackHalo says:

    Esse video é mitico demais

  5. Steve Zion says:

    Good videos…BF4 myths are interesting. SUBBED Peace

  6. Просто русский комментарий, продолжайте

  7. Damian Nunn says:

    If you lay on a friendly incendiary grenade it seems to put it out.

  8. FrAgoMeDrix says:

    Battlefield is greater than CoD.

  9. Brigapes says:

    They were all super obvious. Only a retard could not know that.

  10. how can you play a game with only your friends?

  11. I knew the helicopter one was true since it happened to me. Wish I recorded it.

  12. Chairswinger cn vs us. Is china vs united States

  13. Chairswinger cn vs us. Is china vs united States

  14. Vocês poderiam colocar em Português também…Muitos no Brasil assistem. 

  15. Wulfe Hunts says:

    with the last myth you can also snipe a driver out with a rpg, it has to be a perfect shot though

  16. Tetrology says:

    ok i played the first song you used in the gta 5 mythbusters and it fits perfectly use it again please

  17. CarecaReview says:

    U are crazy man….   ….awesome!

  18. Turret buddy is color blind

  19. ka rime says:

    myth: barret 50. cal always kills in one shot no matter what

  20. Madclutch says:

    noob voice at 0:42 from bff

  21. CrapHoly12 says:

    I think it's cool to hav done that saving ur team from explosion thing

  22. How to get these awesome camos these guys wear when testing the falling trees

  23. JCRocky5 says:

    I did not expect the old Medal of Honor German jumping on explosives would work. oO that's a cool feature.

  24. KeepItMetal says:

    "Ahhhh I just got shot" – while being knifed

  25. ZeVio74 says:

    lol, once I actually DID revive someone while they're falling dead in the air, then he hit the ground and died again, apparently he didn't know he was revived

  26. Weavertv says:

    Being revived falling of a building talk about rude awakenings

  27. KyXel29 says:

    I have a question…can you save your teammate that has been counter knife by an enemy ? Understand my question ?

  28. GrimCW says:

    People didn't know about the rockets through choppers? Thats worked since BF3. I marveled at it the first time I saw an RPG suddenly pass right by me in the back of a chopper! Was AWESOME…

  29. Paragon says:

    DTH doing awesome vids as always

  30. Wayne .L says:

    haven't heard this music since your halo myth busting days ah good memories

  31. dragoka1 says:

    You can capture a point when dying

  32. well done as always w/o shitty music as other youtubers do

  33. loopysausage says:

    0:57, is it me or does the other guy look like he's wearing a dress? xD

  34. Crana says:

    You've been able to shoot through vehicles on all of the recent BF games as far back as BC2, not sure about ones before then.

  35. Hey guys, can you try the forth one again but with a grenade? be handy if you enclosed with your squad and a grenade flies in and you dive on top, better for one man to go then six.

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