Battlefield 4 PC HD 1080p60 (Montage 112)

Battlefield 4

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37 Replies to “Battlefield 4 PC HD 1080p60 (Montage 112)”

  1. What is the song Carl ?

  2. Merci pour ton sub, la NoVa toujours aussi incroyable quel niveau !

  3. No words can explain the amount of skill you have… deserves more subs.

  4. génial très classe ?

  5. I'm curious, how much of a score do you have in total for Engineer? I had to ask 😀

  6. VlaVen says:

    Havent checked ur channel for like 5 months:DHello dude!Im back 😀

  7. Hey Carl I have a new Battlelog account so we need to add again, great video man, iv just uploaded another one to! 🙂

  8. Toujour aussi monstrueux au RPG : ) GG

  9. maxboripat says:


  10. Mltchell says:

    youre sooo badddd carl omgggggg 😉

  11. サムネどうやって撮ってるの?歩兵は銃あんな持ち方しないのに

  12. AreYouWetYet says:

    Damn Carl! Back at it again with these epic shots!! 😉

  13. Aend22 says:

    Nice shots 🙂

  14. Glarri Okno says:

    You are the best BF4 what ive ever seen, but Carl did you really 4:14 miss so ez shot? -,- (just kidding, love your videos)

  15. Big booossssssss is deeaaaaad !! bien joué çaaa ^^

  16. Etitre says:

    Toujours aussi perfomant avec le RPG on dirait 😉 Supers shots mon gars

  17. Fusty says:

    Très jouissif tous ça ;D

  18. SYMBIOT3 says:

    Great shots, Carl 😀

  19. ItalloVidal says:

    My favorite NoVa player <3

  20. TøX says:

    Ohhhh le vilain garcon il rpg infant xD GG mec au top comme d 'hab 😉

  21. Decade Recon says:

    T'as vraiment des kills de porc !!!! GG mec <3

  22. N2D Gaming says:

    Awesome video my friend, keep em coming 😀

  23. Ghost199COD says:

    Very nice video 🙂 If You want You can chceck my channel. I'm doing Battlefield montage, mayby You will enjoy some of my videos. Cheers :)))

  24. the clips are amazing and love your videosen francais: Les clips sont incroyables et j'adore tes videos

  25. BlaCGaming says:

    as always, just awesomeness <3 btw, have you tried to get back in your jet after zooking the one behind you? If you keep flying you can get back into without much trouble, allowing you to go for the second jet 😀

  26. GREG says:

    Bien joué dans le Q à Bigboss hahahahhahaaa !! GG Bro 😉

  27. player6954 says:

    really cool :DDD one question:why do u love the rpg so much? xD i dont hit anything with that xD

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