Battlefield 4 | PC | MVP w/F2000 on Operation Locker | 51 Kills

Battlefield 4

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►Weapon: F2000
– None
– Heavy Barrel
– Ergo Grip

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►My Settings BF1:

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12 Replies to “Battlefield 4 | PC | MVP w/F2000 on Operation Locker | 51 Kills”

  1. HeadRush says:

    Could you possibly do a mouse cam in the future

  2. HeadRush says:

    pretty fucking insane

  3. If the reload times were equal, I would never choose Aek over F2000

  4. Semper Fi says:

    How many hours in total would you say you have on bf4?

  5. 51/5 on tdm… that's the difference between a player that knows what he is doing on the map and the other ones .-.
    Btw can you play some engineer with a pdw? (Not the cz or the as-val)

  6. N0tOnMyL3v3L says:

    The only ExComp player who uploads some good old bf4,Would love to see Meyek or relaa upload bf4 but they are already mastering bf5 and dreaming about comp in that game

  7. Ginger Ninja says:

    mensch dat flutscht ja wieder wie Butter 😉

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