Battlefield 4 | PC | One Minute To Rule Them All #33

Battlefield 4

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9 Replies to “Battlefield 4 | PC | One Minute To Rule Them All #33”

  1. SUUNTO24 says:

    Sidearm kills were sweet. GGs

  2. Chat
    1:40 Camper hure
    2:10 Camper schlampe

    Der Typ hat nen Wortschatz von nem 12 jährigen der seit 13 Jahren Hartz4 bekommt

  3. Pavel Pdsa says:

    Ye, no recoil user fucks a whole map. Yep, seems logical

  4. Maik Bode says:

    username: "oOoNSDAPoOo" – IQ just above room temperature

  5. hairy guy says:

    Hahahahaha claymore HeXe? Very nice gameplay dude!

    Salute from Brazil players PS3 (Yes, Still have a lot of servers)

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