Battlefield 4 (PC) – Zavod 311 – Crazy Pilot

Battlefield 4

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Not sure what to make out of this chopper pilot.

5 Replies to “Battlefield 4 (PC) – Zavod 311 – Crazy Pilot”

  1. i had that once, but my tail got stuck on some bar, i just hung there shooting people xD

  2. Zoke says:

    wouldn't be surprised if that was wigitybear flying that thing, he gets more kills with the skids than the guns in that thing.  

  3. Henry Burth says:

    This is one of those moments where you lower your sights, forget the battle, and just watch. The ending was surprising.

  4. MrSebyos says:

    Nah he just feels invincible because he got repairs. 

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