Battlefield 4 (PS4) – German KSK Loadout – G36C Stealth Recon (BF4 Gameplay)

Battlefield 4

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24 Replies to “Battlefield 4 (PS4) – German KSK Loadout – G36C Stealth Recon (BF4 Gameplay)”

  1. Vortex says:

    Don't know if u still do load outs but a us rangers load out would be cool

    Holo sight
    And laser
    And muzzle but silencer

    Any pistol
    Any attachments

  2. josh leonard says:

    I like this gun but the only way I can use it is in burst mode. And if anyone is looking for someone to play bf with you can add me atownthug03

  3. Hey, im from Germany and i have to say, that iam proud of you how much you know. Your vids are great keep doing this=b

  4. Good video! however afganistan isn't a war, it's a incurgancy, however good info!

  5. hey man, i'm german and i really enjoied this video thanks for that! 🙂

  6. burst fire weapons are awesome unless you running full auto and pick one up off a dead solider #InstaDeath

  7. He said heckler and coke again XD

  8. The GOAT says:

    Maybe a CAG/Delta Force Loadout ?

  9. Billy are you adding subs on PSN?

  10. The Patch for BF4 is coming out tomorrow!
    will you do a video on the update Billy?
    just subscribed btw, good videos 🙂

  11. MIM94 says:

    Good stuff mate. I did enjoy G36C so much in other games, but have barely touched it in BF4. will wait for patch and then bust it out

  12. This gun needs a buff bad +BillyEatWorld Gaming 

  13. efjotgaming says:

    Israelian Army loadout
    Holo (american)
    Any grip
    Any barrel (but not suppressor)
    Any laser

    Deagle 44
    Any sight
    Any laser
    Any barrel (but not suppressor)

    AA-mine (Israel has the best AA defense system in the world)


    Defense field upgrade

  14. Afridi Karim says:

    Hey Billy, great videos so far. By the way what sensitivity do u play on, i have to play it on low becuase i was playing destiny for too long. not used to 70 sensitivity anymore. 😛

  15. Really enjoyed it, i also really liked the fact that you told Some facts about the KSK. Great video!

  16. l personally like the m4 with coyote sight,green laser sight,supressor and angled grip.

  17. l would love to see Noshar Cannals remastered!!

  18. I play in sensitivity of 40 to 45….. like those numbers

  19. AdHoc says:

    It's Koch tho…..

  20. NCOs and enlisted are the same thing.

  21. ianr985 says:

    Great video on Battlefield Portal yesterday 🙂 And of course great video today!

  22. Do a Joint Task Force 2 (JTF-2) Loadaut:

    P90               or                M1014
    Holo sight                         PKA-S (Looks like a T1)
    flash hider                         Modified choke
    Triple Laser sight               Flechette
                                            laser sight

    Ghost Ring

    Have Fun!

  23. kubica811 says:

    On what sensitivity do you play?

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