Battlefield 4 (PS4) – Mission 5: Kunlun Mountains Walkthrough [1080p HD]

Battlefield 4

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22 Replies to “Battlefield 4 (PS4) – Mission 5: Kunlun Mountains Walkthrough [1080p HD]”

  1. Nxrth - says:

    Worst campaign ever

  2. chase griggs says:

    Nice video you are god at bf4

  3. They made this fucking game too hard they need to make easier or infinite health

  4. That bitch Hannah set Recker and Irish up!

  5. Vibhor Kumar says:

    I was playing this mission and I stopped it at 18:30 on the next day resumed my mission but my camera angle was stuck I couldn't move my camera I was able to shoot and walk but I can't rotate my camera please help

  6. Ky Nguyen says:

    Oh look we have our own Battlefield Reznov ! Neat

  7. Sedie Naile says:

    Battlefield 4 pc is more way better than ps4. Tbh

  8. Keep thinking Bohai is Hannah's Husband

  9. so Battlefield has dima ehile CoD has reznov

  10. Jennifer says:

    I dare you to play Call of Duty Black Ops


  12. mayur jadhav says:

    Hey i want this game in my lapi can plz share download link of battlefield 4 game

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