BATTLEFIELD 4 (PS4) – Road to Max Rank – Live Multiplayer Gameplay #615 – INTENSE RUSH MATCH!

Battlefield 4

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My Battlefield 4 multiplayer gameplay with live commentary. Enjoy!
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26 Replies to “BATTLEFIELD 4 (PS4) – Road to Max Rank – Live Multiplayer Gameplay #615 – INTENSE RUSH MATCH!”

  1. Great Win showed Effort

  2. I realize that in the game his will to kill is bigger than his will to live hahahahaha. Great video bro !

  3. hazimsone says:

    rush is the ONLY game mode i play nowadays. action packed n intense

  4. when u exit a tank destroy it before u go because the enemy can use it

  5. Fionn Ennis says:

    what bf4 dlc is the best and which one should I get

  6. When I'm playing rush i use the xm25 airburst and smoke its really helpful

  7. Digger 55 says:

    Not a lot of rush servers where I am, but if I remember, once you start to arm cant you turn around and defend it without holding arm button till fully armed ??

  8. omar gethmi says:

    one of the best
    من افضل الفديوهات
    U R the beast, I love it

  9. OliP007 says:

    What does the number on the thumbnail mean

  10. Hey, great video! +1 Subscriber. Do you play on PS4 or XBOX ONE? I'd like to play Conquest with you. Reply please?

  11. I want to see you do rush on operation metro

  12. hi Nacho, I am a fan ! you do great job . On PS4, what do you use as headphone ? you says many times you hear your ennemies =;-))

  13. ImPreza says:

    Hey guys, I just uploaded a new video on my channel and I'd love it if you guys could leave me feedback. If you enjoy it you can subscribe. Have a great day guys!

  14. Ali Kareem says:

    15:32 dat fail though lol
    great match man keep it up

  15. +OneCheesyMofo on homany procent do you have your sensetivetie

  16. My gaming setup

    PS3 (soon to be PS4)

    Me: happy

  17. HAWTPOCKET57 says:

    The RPK is just a bigger variant of the ak, most times same caliber, 7.62×39, longer gun more accurate( but then again accuracy is in the person handling the weapon)

  18. I think they should add an kind of rush in bfh there is heist bit i think thy should then add more packs just like rush 6 or 8 that would be great and then they call it heist large 🙂

  19. Gamer X says:

    Please tell me what sensitivity are u on

  20. intense ? nah ur still the MVP 😀 great game/video

  21. Phteven says:

    Much more energetic and entertaining than you your first battlefield videos too. Awesome

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