Battlefield 4 Random Moments #106 (Defib vs Shield, Knife Glitches!)

Battlefield 4

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39 Replies to “Battlefield 4 Random Moments #106 (Defib vs Shield, Knife Glitches!)”

  1. Smart TV says:

    The best game ever!

  2. Lord Hizen says:

    1:17 plz whats the name of this sound effect?!!!

  3. Paule1984 says:

    Whats the Name of the Sound 5:5006:08? Thanks

  4. clasificarse says:


  5. Black111Bear says:

    i hav Star of drfibrylator;)

  6. smegg joe says:

    still best battlefield. just waiting on bad company 3 to come take the top lead if they do it right..

  7. Ivanes Ivan says:

    Please tell me, 3:553:58 Where is from this moment? (These words)

  8. That's basically me at 0:31, always dying without a chance 😂

  9. moedog5087 says:

    Wish I would have recorded mine today. playing hinan I drove an APC into the water and it shot me across the map!!

  10. Wark Hammer says:

    0:30 typicaly every one of my games

  11. Rasta Pasta says:

    2:15 was that PLANK-ton? XDDD

  12. geo a.m says:

    4:30 same has happened to me

  13. my clips will never make it one here :/

  14. oRed says:

    Bf4 premium edition is under $10 for ps4 users sale ends in two days

  15. Athan xatzis says:

    Add me guys on bf4

  16. SADat4AM says:

    01:47 hm is it really worth living…? Oh right, clinical depression, bye everybady!

  17. how come on the 360 conquest is only 20 players

  18. Justin Y. Is everywhere

  19. El Diablo says:

    Dip dip potato chip gets me every time.

  20. Jason Gray says:

    Am I high or did I see a ad of Donald Trump and that chinnese president slow dancing looking like brains…

  21. desperate off dinner every regime host exact full-time silk ill doubt news.

  22. haha thx for putting my clip in!!

  23. I am Spanish says:

    GameSpot you can put davidpkami and search sandwiches el campero

  24. coolwolf08 says:

    The best part of bf4 is that it has always been the best source for memes

  25. Dank Jeri says:

    Kinda sad to see people only play garbage ass conquest now. Boring as hell.

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