Battlefield 4 Random Moments #98 (Trying To Be A Good Teammate!)

Battlefield 4

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48 Replies to “Battlefield 4 Random Moments #98 (Trying To Be A Good Teammate!)”

  1. Sting Queen says:

    The fucking guy that gets knifed by two guys killed me😂😂😂😂

  2. Jack Cooper says:

    I love BF4 but where i live… there aint enough servers and players 🙁 i played a trial and thats where i said im not gonna buy it cuz noone plays it here and yeah.. rip

  3. GNASTY GUY says:

    Why am I getting an ad for Mobile Black ops 4… how does YouTube even allow ads for obvious scams like this

  4. BF 4 Still Best (๑´ڡ`๑) From BF Series But I Still like BF 1 too

  5. 2:00 – ну бл*дь , русские поймут x)

  6. Love bf4 man . Fuck all that battle royale shit

  7. Kevin Diaz says:

    10:47 what say ?? Diop diop ?

  8. 1:15 The Miracle of Birth 😂😂

  9. 1:30 cant stop laughing 😂😂😂

  10. 4:28 what did he put in the containers besides the C4?

  11. Gameplay is funny but goddamn the music is way too annoying

  12. vampire king says:

    Bf4 most amount of vehicular manslaughter

  13. This ain't your video my friend orange Vader made this before you

  14. Adde 007 says:

    I buy Battlefield 4 any tips

  15. 6:50 get this man the best trollest medic of all time Trophy

  16. 2:29 that felt like that player was erasable ninja XD

  17. KOBE SANTOS says:

    isint that neeb shouting? 1:51
    From neebss gaming?

  18. Roach CT says:

    1:21 a weapon to surpass metal gear lol

  19. Jäger WFA says:

    On the first clip, look at the jeeps condition….

  20. What the fuck happened at 3:10 that was Savage asf

  21. Lol i liked i love battlefield 4

  22. SkyBlocker56 says:

    Trying to be a good teamate thats impossible lol

  23. battlefield 5 soon. 13/11/2018

  24. 2 1 says:

    1:20 were those tanks just get abducted by aliens!?

  25. 7:52. In games like this, i just love making people scared while i'm in a tank.

  26. 2:44. This is what i would do. I would just sit their and stare at them until they notice me and they would be all like "uh… i'm cool". i would just freak the hell out of them and when they notice me i would kill them but first i would see what they do.

  27. 1:29. when you try being a good friend and end up getting them killed in the end. RIP.

  28. Sweet Water says:

    that guy has a skin on his knife O.o

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