Battlefield 4: Scout Helicopter Beginner’s Loadout Guide

Battlefield 4

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Since this is possibly my favorite vehicle in BF4, I may cover this more in depth at some point.

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  1. Evilotto says:

    I disagree withe actually all of these no offense but let's start with the first one primary weapons the 25mm are admitedly great against ground targets but against air targets oh dear god if I'm in a Heli with miniguns and I see somone with 25mm I've already won unless they've got aa support from the ground you just need to practice aiming and you're good, I know 25mms do deal damage to armored targets but it's so little it's not really worth it and miniguns destroy light armored targets like jeeps or jets and now on to secondarys I use laser guided but mainly because I have miniguns to deal with other air targets plus if there's a recon on the ground or in you're heli with those goggles I forget the name of you can lock on and 1 shot other helis and for counter measures I understand this video was made when ecms sucked but now anyway they're alomsot better then flares in every way and for upgrades this is mainly my opinion I use air radar just for that advantage of knowing where my equal on the battlefield is, stealth coating is nice but whenever you're getting locked by somthing just fly low or behind somthing and lastly please don't tell people to use stingers or any ground to air rockets as at this moment anyway they hugely over powered and just in general ruin the experience for the other pilot I know because I've been on the reviving end one to many times I hope this helped people

  2. Try pilot as support and put ammo bag on the side. and inf ammo for ure teammates in the side seats.

  3. Noah French says:

    It's the harasser of the skies! Nuuu!

  4. I NayotI says:   

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  5. "Heh, suppression assist"

  6. sindahir3 says:

    is it easyer to fly as in bf3? in bf3 i crashed after 10 sec

  7. They are different genres.
    COD and BF on the other hand are both FPS.

  8. Baine says:

    rpg locks nvr 4gt rip

  9. Josh B says:


  10. James Dean says:

    There's this thing called Test range. You can try al the weapons you have unlocked and all the vehicles are there.

  11. OTCwebs1337 says:

    i realize stingers are in the game. that's not an insightful comment. usas12 with frag rounds were in the game in bf3, too, and there was a time when using that loadout was the best infantry option. that didn't make it fun or a loadout to be advocated. i also realize there are other "cheap" weapons in the game. what is your point? will you be advising their usage too?

    my point was not that they should be removed, just that advocating such stinger use does not improve the community, imo.

  12. It's not bad advice when they are clearly the best option. I'm sorry but they are in the game whether you or I like it or not. I personally don't use stingers, because I don't think they are any fun, but I'm not gonna advise other people not because of my moral high ground. And lock on launchers aren't the only "cheap" weapons in the game, I would have to tell people not to use a lot of things.

  13. Leivve says:

    Practice, no one is a natural pilot. I've put a few hours into flying and I just now can fly without crashing, but still can't dog fight for shit.

  14. Leivve says:

    Yeah you can, they are both combined arms 'war' simulators. It's CoD you can't compare with BF4.

  15. OTCwebs1337 says:

    usually enjoy your content, koolaid. but, this (1:20) is just a terrible suggestion. stinger missiles, or lock-ons of any kind really, take the fun out of fps games. in bf3 little bird battles were fun and usually the best pilot would win. if people do what you suggest, it will just devolve into lock-on douchery that doesn't result in the best pilot winning. stingers do much more damage and reload much faster than the a-to-a missiles of the little bird and take no skill to use. uber lame!!

  16. I just did. And wait for the next update on PS2! Ka-baamm!

  17. You can't compare PS2 to BF.

  18. acequat says:

    hey koolaid, great vid! and i absolutely agree. the scout helis are very fun in this game. much more fun than in BF3 and also much more fun than the attack choppers. one thing i was asking myself though is i am using stealth coating on a scout heli as well and i was wondering by how much it reduces time to get locked-on. could you test this in your next vid? 🙂

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