Battlefield 4 Scout Helicopter Guide

Battlefield 4

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Check out Part 1 of my guide to the Scout Helicopters!. → More Below! ←

I walk you through tips for the initial load-outs. Future videos will have the rest of the load-outs and more tips and tricks!

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5 Replies to “Battlefield 4 Scout Helicopter Guide”

  1. piercesl721 says:

    Still amazed at the lack of drift in your controls (esp. yaw) and how steady your aim is.  I can't duplicate the yaw control you achieve and how you're able to steady up your aim and track your targets as they move laterally.  It seems the default binds (with keyboard/mouse) have excessive drift and cause me to constantly over/under shoot the target.  Any advice would be most helpful!  Thanks!

  2. dosap says:

    Nice, thanks 🙂

  3. Level WHO says:

    It's called the "test range." On PC, hover your mouse over "multiplayer" in Battlelog, then click test range. On consoles, it should be labeled as "test range" under the "multi-player" menu.

  4. dosap says:

    how did you get this practising area?

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