BATTLEFIELD 4 – Sniper Awesome Sauce 41-3 w/Keralis

Battlefield 4

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Battlefield 4 Online Multiplayer Gameplay 1080p 60fps HQ HD. PLAY THE FUCKING OBJECTIVE joined by Keralis to have a bit of fun! 😀
If you like Keralis take a look at his channel! 😀

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29 Replies to “BATTLEFIELD 4 – Sniper Awesome Sauce 41-3 w/Keralis”

  1. Haiqal Omar says:

    dude . your just so damn awesome . haha . Good Job !!

  2. His accent is he from switzerland?

  3. Thinking About buying this game, it it worth it and do you need to pay to play online for the pc

  4. Papah Dogg says:

    din style isch zu geil

  5. Turbogeek 21 says:

    So far my best is 30 and 7

  6. saaaaaamy says:

    What sniper is that?

  7. You're amazing I can't even get 1 kill

  8. keralis is here 😀 I just wanted to watch some gameplay and that's getting better and better 😀

  9. KewlGuy98 says:

    Wow and I thought I was a good sniper.

  10. Sanctivus87 says:

    Great use with a sniper rifle while still advancing and covering your team.  Funny commentary and you didn't sound cocky on your team speak.  Just having a good time.  Now please play Hardcore. 🙂

  11. ShawnRector says:

    Awesome Video! I just bought a controller so I can play this on my PC

  12. You should play Dayz SA with keralis man!

  13. why does your link lead to the belgian youtube? (. be)

  14. I love ya Anderz!!!! (No homo)

  15. Egg Kneel says:

    Karalis?! 104?! And he plays minecraft?! Is this a fake video???????

  16. Ronald Luc says:

    You had 29/1 without camping. Just WoW.

  17. Appel says:

    Asså detta är en sjuk video! 😀 Du är så jävla grym på det du gör, önskar att jag också kunde vara så bra som du! Riktigt snygga snipes och sygga kills med ''TheMiniShootGunOfDome''! +ImAnderZEL 

  18. MrSexyRoland says:

    I fucking love these BF4 videos with Keralis, you two are so funny together.

  19. Yener Tunc says:

    Fuckkking massive map love it

  20. Stealhelm says:

    This is so strange, but for some reason i can watch any other video in 720p but not battlefield 4 videos.. What is going on?

  21. can you make a video of your favorite wepons??? 

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