Battlefield 4 Sniper Sunday SCAR-H SV & Motion Sensors

Battlefield 4

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Hey guys today we have an episode of Sniper Sunday in which I will be using an aggressive recon build with the SCAR DMR and Motion Sensors.

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25 Replies to “Battlefield 4 Sniper Sunday SCAR-H SV & Motion Sensors”

  1. Zilv says:

    2:14 make sure to take advantage of you gadgets…. motion sensor ball hits a tree branch and falls to your feet

  2. FAJAR MULIA says:

    first thing you need to do ,,, find ur relax posisition for faster respond your eyes and ur arm

  3. Trevor Jack says:

    I use a 1 x and spam fire in close range, Ive had lots of practice and barely miss. I use magnifier and pick off people on siege from 100 meters away all with the m39 dmr

  4. Simon Watts says:

    You say use a 1x sight and Spam fire in this video, but then you say use a 3.5x or 4x ACOG on your other vid? Make your mind up!
    I say, use the ACOG.

  5. GRiLaKa says:

    Yea but no hk417 in bf4… that and scar h are my fav guns

  6. Silent Bob says:

    Do motion sensors have ANY use in hardcore?

  7. BIG T says:

    i hate it when i need to reload i take a knee and get back up the people i killed think i was trying to t bag them. then they kill me and they t bag me and i just loose control when i get t bagged 

  8. It's kind of unrealistic that the SCAR H SV does more damage that the normal SCAR H. I mean, they both shoot .308 and both should do the same damage. What I'm trying to say is, two letters shouldn't affect the number of shots it takes to kill somebody. Although I understand that they wanted the SCAR H to be somewhat effective at long range. Not trying to force my opinion on you guys, but even with a longer barrel, it should only affect bullet velocity and accuracy.

  9. RxSwolldier says:

    I play Dmr as support class and get top of list in matches WHILE helping my team

  10. GAB1490 says:

    Scar H SV is the best DMR in the game for me

  11. Hey level how many account do u have in bf4?did u pay for all of them? And i just want to know how can i play with you, would be awesomwe

  12. vivalaphill says:

    scar h Sv vs Ace 53 SV pls vote!

  13. Jared ə says:

    dont listen to him. if you have good accuracy you dont need to spam. ive gotten 20 kill streak with gun using only three shots per guy

  14. J cogzy says:

    Level cap working the corners? Not a lot of money from you tube?

  15. This makes me wish the scar L was in this

  16. John Bimbo says:

    Sr-338 came out with Naval strike and we all Know how that came out.

  17. Scar H SV has a different supression sound than any other DMR in the game. I don't know if anyone else has noticed it, but its sound is distinct.
    I don't know if its the same though anymore, because this was maybe 2 months ago I noticed it. Since nobody actually uses the Scar H SV, I haven't been able to notice it.

  18. Halts Maul says:

    Levelcap pls show your stats i would love to know your K/D hours played…

  19. Very good video. Instructive and helpful. Thanks!

  20. erozpl01 says:

    lol keep on working those corners level cap 

  21. CasT says:

    i wanted to trow a x8 in this badboy so sad you cant do this anymore in BF4 i used to own bolt action snipers at extreme long ranges with a M16a4, bipod, x8 scope and heavy barrel in BF3

  22. Angled foregrip. Stubby does next to nothing for any DMR. You're still running a 15% or so accuracy penalty with a muzzle break. The angled grip does more than any single attachment for any DMR. a 33% overall recoil reduction to each and every shot beats any other grip's bonus by far.

  23. Amazing! I'm gonna test it out right now!

  24. Narkan says:

    Awesome video 🙂 I'd like to unlock that Scar-H SV… Btw : that was a risky move at 1:10 (lying down while reloading in front of ennemies !).

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