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My username is Milo Kolb-yt
On that account I will only play with you when I’m live, and we won’t be able to 1v1, talk to each other, or play duos.
If you want to play duos, 1v1, or talk then you have to donate to 5 dollars to my stream and then message me on my instagram (milo_kolb) that you did, and send a Screenshot of your donation to me (or discord or Snapchat) Then I will add you on my main account and play with you when ever I’m online.


fornite mobile tips and tricks

41 Replies to “BEGINNER BUILDING TIPS and TRICKS for fortnite MOBILE!!”

  1. Which game mode is this please tell bro

  2. Sempai -Kun says:

    When people start building idk what to build or how to build to counter?

  3. Can we play sometime my epic is Mich_Max_Galla

  4. Man u have a nice building skills

  5. Cassandra YT says:

    Yo thanks! I watch multiple tips and tricks video and this really help.

  6. Agonxz says:


  7. Faze Ahmet says:

    Your 90's are good on mobile

  8. Dzoki iOS says:

    How is called your Island on creative i wanna use it

  9. Llama says:

    I thought people who play fortnite don’t exercise

  10. Y yaba says:

    Can pls make a video on hud for s8.. S8+.. Z same sizes

  11. You wanna play dous or 1v1

  12. ShaDow _YT says:

    Idk why but i mess up my building almost everytime when i 1v1 someone

  13. Wais Sediqi says:

    Bro this really helped thanks 🙏

  14. Basically get 60 FPS.

  15. Milo i saw all your not to lag vid but it didnt work

  16. Exitz says:

    Only Pro Players can like this.

  17. aboufarha says:

    I love your videos I was a noob but when I watched your videos I became a pro

  18. Handcam plz and how to bring that second shoot button only in build mode(i am talking about the button under ur inventory) plz reply anyone?

  19. SmartTheDude says:

    Didn’t you do another video of better builds

  20. Jayden Marin says:

    Congratulations on 6k my bro 👌👌👌

  21. I'm really good at building and better at shooting..but I choke..a lot..plz help

  22. Adrian Brown says:

    U not good u use aim assist

  23. Here’s a deal Milo Kolb. So if we one v one and I win you have to like this comment. TTV_xcvii.waled

  24. cuong Nguyen says:

    thank u so much i actually needed this video

  25. Oh Idk says:

    Tbh I new all of these but this is very helpful and also the second tip is easier if u just look down on a floor and place stairs

  26. HellCatXAsh says:

    builds one ramp
    omg im so good

  27. Jowzy says:

    These tips are super nooby lol

  28. How to get better:
    Step 1: get soccer skin
    Step 2: get nerdneck
    Step 3: get support a creator and spam how underrated u are and spam your code literally everywhere
    Step 4: most important: SWEAT

    Just a joke btw

  29. King Savage says:

    Can I play with you username Arkuzthewolf

  30. BrightFox says:

    I’m not a noob but Milo uploaded sooooooo I gotta watch it

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