BEST 2017 FORSEN STREAM SNIPERS part 1 (PUBG playerunknown’s battlegrounds)


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22 Replies to “BEST 2017 FORSEN STREAM SNIPERS part 1 (PUBG playerunknown’s battlegrounds)”

  1. jkz says:

    This is autism at it's finest.

  2. Gamer Dude says:

    God, I really feel bad for him yet I can't stop laughing at him getting overrun XD

  3. Cetrics says:

    6:55 what is the name of that sound effect (kid screaming shooting effect thing)

  4. The most stream sniped streamer ever

  5. januzi2 says:

    Forsen fans are dedicated mo-fos.

  6. Sem Ideia says:

    I don't play PUBG, is the guy driving the UAZ in the first clip using hack or he's just on some mega lag?

  7. KVBEN says:

    How he can handle all of these?

  8. coooolibri says:

    is this game that broken, that you can drive with a car through a house???

  9. Ban dito says:


  10. How the hell do they get in games with him?

  11. Anton103 says:

    4:23 "my bike now, yahoo!" xD

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