Best Sniper In The Game?! – Fortnite Battle Royale Gameplay – Ninja


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50 Replies to “Best Sniper In The Game?! – Fortnite Battle Royale Gameplay – Ninja”

  1. Ninja is better than tfue

  2. Kenchi says:

    Who miss Ninjas old Gameplays?

  3. Ninja snip his peepee in my poopoo

  4. Ninja: Best sniper in the game???

    Dakotaz: Hold my beer.

  5. It would be great if ninja shows us what tune he uses for his videos

  6. Jim Jim says:

    When tilted wasn’t gay

  7. haklom says:

    Good old days man!

  8. Who is seeing in 2019

  9. DHP Vlog says:

    he shot very well

  10. Dakotaz wants to know your location

  11. I am cool fortnight yes very good

  12. Who is here in season 10

  13. cleon john says:

    who is seeing this in season x

  14. lucy connor says:

    People always say to ninja why did he stop being ninjashyper wen really it should be twitch why have you corrupted this man

  15. Hamza Ali says:

    Back when green pump did 210 damage

  16. donnamaw says:

    When you get a really good snipe that you are really proud of then you watch this video 😀😅🙂😐😳😔

  17. Osvald Nøhr says:

    WHO’s wathing in 2019


  19. Ninjas is fuck n nob

  20. Phoenix says:

    That's ninjas ghost house

  21. Fortnite Pro says:

    Only seasone X player like this

  22. If you get more then 40 kills I will give
    100'0000 v bucks

  23. Emachine says:

    Damn tbh i came here for old fortnite but stayed for old ninja… he was so much happier and fun to watch here compared to nowadays…

  24. Emre Demirci says:

    We ar now in season 10
    Bro ı miss season 2-3 ಥ_ಥ

  25. RareDeXu says:

    When fortnite used to be good

  26. thomi Guanez says:

    Like si desis que es el mejor fornite

  27. Bow Stars says:

    Your frist snipe was very noob bitch

  28. Márk Epres says:

    15 wiemers in fortnite xd

  29. BV CLIPS says:

    This is how many people that want the robot removed

    Trying to reach 300 subs

  30. When Fortnite never got boring and you would play all day😞

  31. Brian Loger says:

    Ninja is the best fortnite YouTuber ever Love you so much NINJA

  32. Hybrid Clan says:

    When ninja was actually poppin off & getting lots of views

  33. When Fortnight was dream to play.not noe

  34. KaoDaz says:

    Season X anyone?

  35. TVT BOYS says:

    Now days for it bad but old days was fun

  36. Bart Gamer says:

    Seeing this players that even some of them dont know how to play they still have fun , now in season 10 everybody builds a 5 star hotel is you shoot them once and everybody plays just for kills and wins not for fun . RIP OLD FORTNITE 🙁
    My epic : LucaGamer20076

  37. Season X 2019 anyone?

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