BF4 TDM [MTAR-21] (52-5) PS4 PRO | Battlefield 4

Battlefield 4

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10 Replies to “BF4 TDM [MTAR-21] (52-5) PS4 PRO | Battlefield 4”

  1. SmartAim says:

    Geiles Game! Ich freue mich schon auf den Release

  2. Nintendão says:

    jogador muito bom e rápido

  3. Luiz Santos says:

    Qual arma é essa mano?

  4. MLG Stalin says:

    bro do you really use controller or mouse? also pls do handcam

  5. Game On says:

    Why use a mouse and keyboard instead of a controller? Not good enough with a DS4?

  6. 名無し says:

    title mistake “mtar”?

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