BF4: Updates, Veteran Packs, Lawsuits and More(Xbox Battlefield 4 Game play)

Battlefield 4

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Game Update Dec. !7

Top Issue Tracker

Server Update

Battlefield Lawsuit

Veteran Battlepack…

10 Replies to “BF4: Updates, Veteran Packs, Lawsuits and More(Xbox Battlefield 4 Game play)”

  1. Nutbread says:

    I have bad company 2, bf3 and bf4 but i dont have a veteran pack?

  2. ValeR says:

    Got my Veteran Pack today

  3. RainingPumas says:

    Anyone know how to get the battlepack for playing bf3 and bad company 2 on xbox one?

  4. What platform you play on ? If Xbox 360 add me : J V R E L L

  5. TRAVIS1509 says:

    Bro for your UCAV, no air superiority… play conquest on Hainen resort use the wort hog and go air to ground with laser guided, i have found this to be very succesful hope this helps,     fellow battlefielder

  6. Brad Vollman says:

    Dice give us it cause im a big knifer and ive played bf4 bf3 bf2 and I got till tuesday till I run out of xbox live,
    ! For EVER

  7. James H. says:

    When will we get the veteran packs? Who knows? Who knows…..

  8. Agent Tex13 says:

    I WANT MY FUCKING VETERAN PACK I've played bf3 and I didn't get it and I never ever heard of the support line!!!

  9. Deity Lurker says:

    it's stealth jets, not attack

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