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clash of clans tips and tricks

39 Replies to “CHECK OUT OUR NEW OP FARMING STRATEGY! – Clash Of Clans”

  1. General Tony says:


  2. Sirban Tines says:

    My farming strategy is 10 witches and 3 golem

  3. Kavin Kavin says:

    100 goblins and some wizards with a couple of pekkas

  4. try going 2 golems 3 pekka 15 wizards 2 wall breakers rest th8

  5. Viji M S says:

    How many off you play PUBG???

  6. 2golems,12wiz,10valks,2pekka,sige machine spell 2rage 3 heal 1 haste

  7. icmeric says:

    Wow just came back from when he was at around 1k subs and you sound so difrent ❤️

  8. micon teesen says:

    Giants, wizzard, achers and wall breakers

  9. Sammi Sammi says:

    General tony
    Captain tony
    Commander tony
    Cadet tony
    Private tony

  10. Shikha Singh says:

    pls change your base layout

  11. Shikha Singh says:

    MY TH IS 9.
    I USE 13 VALK, 15 WIZ, 3 PEKKA

  12. drinking game: take a shot every time he says "guys"

  13. Al’s Daily says:

    Pls change your base layout

  14. How can u get that much dark elixier

  15. Mine is 1 hog for to check If something is in the clan

  16. Ekam Badwal says:

    What about your th 12 base that you have to max out

  17. GoWiVa 2 heal and 2 rage 1 Golem 10 valks and the rest is wizards

  18. Anju M says:

    Tony how can I join your clan ??

  19. amir cool says:

    Please do not use gems im trying to upgrade like you tony please

  20. My favorite army is barch for th 6

  21. ayyjayy says:

    2 Pekkas 5 Wall breakers 20 Harrys and 12 giants (giants first then funnel in with harrys then put pekks then hereo/s)
    For TH 8/9

  22. You say your rushed I’m th11 and have worse cannons and lv6 barbairian king and archer and just got grand worden

  23. Chad Polfus says:

    You gem everything eh?

  24. Luca Playz says:

    What about th 8 Strategy?

  25. Ed Gulliver says:

    I'd put my archers in then pekkas and hero's with two gold and a giant

  26. WIERDSA3 PPL says:

    Can i just say this isn't a permenant strat it will cost so much more after pekka event is gone.Still good tho

  27. Crusifon says:

    Dear everyone complaining about Tony and telling him he should quit coc, he cares about playing what he WANTS to play, he doesn't want to play a game he doesn't enjoy but get lots of views!

  28. Isaac D says:

    Tony this game is dead you should find something else to invest your time in to enjoy and you'll also get more veiws on a up to date game

  29. mölsky mali says:

    my fav farming strat is only goblins when i want to drop some trophys and if i want farm and get some cups ill use lavaloonion

  30. I mostly use 15 giants 75 archers and 70 barbarians with 4 heels as a Th9 player

  31. General tony please uploude baby tony account

  32. Mine Town Hall is 8. Army:2 Pekkas 11 Valkyries 1 Golem 4 Wizards 3 Wall breakers and 2 Archers

  33. Cool Monkey says:

    I’m in the clan I’m minibeast9

  34. Raul Toelsie says:

    my favorite farming strategy is"loonion"and it is for every town hall level

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