Clash of clans – Android (save your village with Google+)

Clash Of Clans

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lots of people write me to help them recover they’re village because it is hacked or lost. this should help you doods out before it happens to you!

Whats up my doods, It’s Godson YEEEAAAAaa!! Welcome to my channel. from high level gameplay to failtages, i got what you’re looking for.
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47 Replies to “Clash of clans – Android (save your village with Google+)”

  1. B H A R A T says:

    it does not save village😣😾😿🙀

  2. B H A R A T says:

    it does not save village😣😾😿🙀

  3. Faysal Ahmed says:

    i started playing in a nokia lumia device now to save my village with google+ I mailed supercell and they give a ticket number now what should i do plz help

  4. How i back my own and real home base if i have my new home base that connected by my google acc.

  5. If I have 2 Google plus accounts because I forgot my pass on my first account does it save to second account even though it says disconnected on my sign in and also it says lvl 1 but I still have my village

  6. Haaaaa…. :).Its so easy in android . 🙂

  7. Nate Higgers says:

    Guys how do I log in my gmail account when the old credits is saved I want to update the statis of the gmail how do I do that!

  8. Tim Baker says:

    I got hacked but I have apple 🙁

  9. I got hacked because I did this and I had th6 close to max

  10. can i link my account to another device even after town hall level 4, because i have read in some sites that it shouldn't be done after town hall 4 and after in app purchases, thanks

  11. Battle Champ says:

    Thx so much now i can save my villige

  12. another thing i have done all steps but they say a am lvl 4….my vilage is lvl 18 and a half.. explain me this thing please 😀

  13. Hello , i have a question if i will lose my phone with the game , i will be able to acces my village on another phone or tablet if i atached the village on a google+ account?:D I have this question on my mind for almoust a week man thank you very much for this tutorial:*

  14. why didn't they come quiker with it i lost my MAX th 8 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    cuz i couldn't save it 

  15. nickfree63 says:

    that has been around for a good while…

  16. Since when is godson white ?

  17. Autumn Elegy says:

    I have a town hall 2 connected to my main google account, is there any way to abandon that village so I can connect my main village to it?

  18. Mike Bero says:

    YEAAAAAHHHH my account was hacking :/ can somebody help me ?

  19. Hipnutik VII says:

    What tablet is he using?

  20. Pootis Bird says:

    How does clash of clans have 3 million daily users when there's only 700,000 people in the world?

  21. SaulboyzLT says:

    Why you loser copy from super chief?

  22. Great… now give me my village back.

  23. Can i do dit for my ipat

  24. Kri Par says:

    So if I have 2 Google+ accounts, the first account is already in CoC, the second is not yet used for CoC, so can I then create a new village with that second account into the same tablet without loosing the first village?

  25. ritschi26 says:

    I can't connect any more to Facebook (iOS). If I am tapping on the Facebook Symbol nothing blows up. What should I do to reconnect with Facebook?

  26. Gan G3R says:

    Why you have forwarded THIS video?

  27. Thanks for the video as I am not subscribed to their channel Godson. Now everyone stop crying.

  28. Stuss says:

    He's doing this to show the ones that aren't subbed to clash of clans. Stop fucking hating on him. You already knew this? Good you're not the only fucking person in the world dumb bitch.

    Clashing would be way more fun without little whining faggots in youtube videos or global chat.

  29. How can I record my Android device?

  30. Someone finding for subscribers?,subscribe me ill sub back

  31. ValorAirsoft says:

    who collects there gold and elixir that slowly lol..

  32. Godson you dummy we already knew this!

  33. AeroClasher says:


  34. ~ VIP says:

    I've been having this problem when I want to transfer the villages of device iPad to Android?!

  35. blake122601 says:

    This is so much harder then iOS version, just sign into your game center and your done. With android you have to make an annoying Google plus account and sign in and this and that

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