Clash of Clans Clan War Dragoonion Attack Strategy from the Comments

Clash Of Clans

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This Clash of Clans Balloon Dragon Minion attack strategy came directly from the Youtube Comments on the TH8 3 Star Dragon Attack Strategy Video: Video Shortcut:

Thanks to Jon Targaryen for sharing his attack strategy that has worked awesome for him!

Let me know what attack strategies you use for Clan Wars and maybe I’ll try them out and show them in a video.

Video Shortcut:

Make sure you have watched the Clash of Clans Basic Clan War…

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21 Replies to “Clash of Clans Clan War Dragoonion Attack Strategy from the Comments”

  1. I use dragoonion,level 4 balloons,level 2 minions,and level 2 dragons it wrecks every th7 and 8

  2. James Thomas says:

    5 dragons, 16 loonz, 10 minions. Not on a th 8 unless outside war vs base with no cc and an ad upgrading. 3 rage or mix of heal

  3. Soon as I heard the army composition I knew it was a long shot, lol. Keep making videos! I love the Town Hall 8 strats! My dragon to lvl 3 is almost through, working on hogs next!
    Check me and my clan out if you want. Just search up "Tased Your Cat" and that's us. I'm the leader, ThunderCricket. I love war, so these videos (being war oriented) are extremely helpful. One more question… Are you a red head? I am, and I have NEVER met another ginger clasher. ? Keep the vids coming!!!

  4. Kerr Sloan says:

    Please upload more, your videos are awesome!

  5. I used this attack when I was in th7, and I always got 3 stars on th7s, sometimes on th8…but never more than 2 on maxed th8

    I don't remember the exact troop count… but it was like 3 dragons, 20 minions, 5-10 archers or barbarians to lure CC, the rest balloons

    I used the dragons as a meat shield for the balloons (kinda like the lava hound… only stupid)

    I used 2 rage+heal, because ballons are f**** slow…jesus

    here's my strategy

    lure CC troops, deploy 1 dragon to kill them and go towards the air defense that is closest to the edge, put the other dragons there and wait for one of them to be targeted by the air defense, then put the balloons and rage them when they get close to the wall (deploy minions around this time too)

    after that, heal the balloons when they need it and rage them on the 2nd AD.

    on the clan castle there was normally a lvl3+ dragon, and this was the dragon that killed the CC troops, back then it was usually another dragon…so it was kinda needed…if the troops were weak I used the rest of the archers + a few minions

  6. Sonny Bou says:

    I would never use anything less than lvl6 balloons for any war attack (which obviously precludes the use of balloons at th8 other than the ones donated by th9/10 clan mates in the clan castle), let alone such a brutal strategy. Mixed troop compositions such as this are rarely effective against well-designed th8 war bases.

  7. Try 17 giants 16 wiz 11 wall breakers and ether 29 archers or 15 archers and a healer with 2 heal 1 rage! Place Giants in a line the some wall breakers then wizards place everything else the way you like! 🙂

  8. mike renfro says:

    ha ha so sorry for u .. 

  9. Praveen Goel says:

    No offense to John, but not only does this sound like a terrible strategy, it looks even worse in war. Kudos to you Heather for trying and making a vid of this sorry tactic. I don't believe John took out any maxed th8's with this, maybe a th7. Sending loons in first seems like a losing strategy at any th lvl.

  10. Erick Molina says:

    Th8: 8 Drags, 28 archers, 3 wizards, king, Hogs or balloons in cc, and 3 rage. Draw out cc with archers if possible if not use them to take out buildingto guide dragons. Drop dragons in a close line. Rage them up when taking out high hp things like storages, the th, or when taking on the cc if you couldn't draw them out and of course when they're near an ad. Drop the king with three wizzies behind like a small gowipe i guess on the other side of attacking dragons. Drop cc when dragons can shield them.

  11. Luis Lizardo says:

    I like to use as a th8 9 drags and 4 lvl 5 loons any level below is bad place 2-4 drags to clear so your drags will go to center after the drags clear the first row of defenses place your loons on the ads when your drags start getting hit by the ads place rages to where the drags are still gonna be using the rage for the ads if done correctly your loons will eventually attack the third ad if not your drags will get it by then in any time in your raid if 2-9 drags are getting low use your heal to save them after use your king to distract on the last tesla/archer tower

  12. AWESOME VID!!!! If your th 9+ try lavaloonion I have some vids about it if you want to check them out!! And wanted to now if you wanted to join up channels I'll tell my subs to you and you tell your subs to sub to me! It will help both our channels!! Just an offer!! I'll keep watching your vids and THX!!!

  13. Excellent, enjoyed this one.

  14. Big thanks, I follow Daddy, Galadon an Tyreal all of whom rock, you have helped me just as much. Used your 3 star guide with dragons and smashed apart maxed TH8s, shame the rest of my clan can't be bothered to geek out clash on YouTube, many thanks 🙂

  15. iEmily Arps says:

    I have an attack strategy, For a low th7
    In the Army:
    18 giants (level 4)
    15 wizards (level 3 I think it will better if there level 4)
    1 dragon (level 1 but i think it would better at level 2)
    2 healers (Level 1 or 2)
    whatever for room in the camp with archers
    Spell: 2 level 3 rage and 1 level 4 lighting (for the clan castle troops)

    How it work:
    Put your gaint across on side of the village place 7-8 wizards behind them, the remain wizards on building around the outside out of range of defense. Place the dragon where it is needed and when you giant and wizards become low rage them and get the healer done

    I can normally get 65%-100% I dont guarantee a 3 star but a 2 is confirmed 

  16. In my opinion this strategy is no good compared to massive dragons or dragoons attack at th7/8 in terms of its predictability and effectiveness.

    It might be able to get 3 stars from maxed th8 with just maxed out th7 troops but it 100% depends on what's in opponent's cc and the base layout. In order for this to work, the base has to have pretty much all the anti-air types of defenses especially wizard towers and air defenses near the outer ring of the base and the structure has to be really squeezed and tight together. The cc troops must be really easy to get rid of with just a few troops otherwise this strategy is screwed against strong th8. However, th7/8 or even some weak th9 with this kind of base layout could be always easily 3 stared with just lv1/2 dragons alone. This strategy is indeed a little bit cheaper than massive dragons considering elixir (minions cost DE!) but it still sucks based on what I mentioned above. No offense to Jon but this just cannot be called a really good attack strategy. Hopefully I do have a point here. Good for him though this can always work for him. Keep polishing the strategy I love the idea behind it 🙂 I have a feeling that this might work well at higher townhalls with stronger troops,heroes and spells.   
    Last but not least, I really really really enjoy your videos. I subscribed the channel right after I first heard your voice several weeks ago, how can your voice be so sexy XD. Plz plz upload videos more frequently you deserve 1m subscribers.    

  17. iDeltaSpark says:

    Hm..When i'm pushing for the first part of the push i use 20 Giants, 9 Wallbreakers, A few archers, a few barbarians and as many Wizards as i can possibly fit. 2 Heal, 1 Rage..I've used this strat all the way up to Crystal with solid 2 stars on TH8's. First i lured out clan castles to whatever corner i was hitting from. Drop my giants afterwards, spread them across one side instead of clump them together (Giant bombs were my fear, they deal massive damage to even giants) deply wallbreakers,  Spread my wizards right behind, Drop a rage Heal spell first as my giants are getting low, then  a rage as they get closer to the center, drop wallbreakers so they get directed to the center, go under that rage and blow through any wall level at that point. (Since TH7's only have Level 7 walls and TH8's level 8 walls which aren't too much stronger), I drop my last heal spell on my remaining giants since usually by the time the center is taken out they are critically low, and after that i just watch the carnage lol…. +Clash Tutor  If executed properly, you can 2 star Mid-TH8's. I wouldn't go for maxed TH8's though since Level 4 giants aren't that bulky.. 

  18. yass ine says:

    maybe you can visit his clan and record how he do it 🙂

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