Clash of Clans Clutch Clan Wars Victory through Lavaloon

Clash Of Clans

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Clash of Clans Clutch Clan Wars Victory. Watch the final moments of our latest war in Purple Pigs as we wrap up or 9th consecutive Clash of Clans Clan War win through a Lavaloon defense and a Lavaloon attack

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26 Replies to “Clash of Clans Clutch Clan Wars Victory through Lavaloon”


  2. ok, besides dragon war attack, what strategy do you recommend I use for th7?/

  3. lavaloonion with no minions ..

  4. are you a girl? you said your name was heather but you sound like a boy

  5. Ayman Kabir says:

    We were in a HUGE mismatch. They had 2 TH10s, 5 TH9s, 7 TH8s and 5TH7s and 1 TH6. We had 1 TH10, 3 TH9, 8 TH8, 3 TH7, 3 TH6 and 2 TH5. We were outmatched man to man, as our TH10 was new. Somehow, we managed to pull off a 52-48 victory as one of their higher members decided to go for a loot attack in the final 8 mins, ending their chances of a victory 🙂

  6. Your voice reminds me of this other YouTube I liked to watch it's called WellCast

  7. SMOKE98604 says:

    whats a good th 8 defenses base

  8. 3 lava hounds in cc? :O

  9. BestPrimo says:

    Haha nice vid! (: my clan is a lot like yours in a way, we're really good in wars, we rarely lose and we just got clan level 4 like five days ago

  10. I tried to join your clan but it's full. What do I do?

  11. As always are you're the coc Tutorial YouTuber that i know i 3 stared everyone Base that i Attacken because of your Video Tanks for your Videos and thanks that you existed 😉

  12. Hey Heather.. Im new to your channel!! My clan told me about your vids.. They are really helpful … Anyways i was wondering if you can make a video about a war base and a farming base. I would like to see what you recommend.. I havent had a specific war base and i been getting three starred alot. Pls help Thanks

  13. Adnan Salmi says:

    Heather can i join the clan purple pigs? I am th8 with maxed defence ( walls left ) and i am really good at attacking in war

  14. Hello Heather; I just wanted to ask. I realise you have 3 videos based on how to do dragon raids against TH8's . Now I am TH8, not near max, but I do have level 3 dragons, level 5 rage spells, level 4 healing, level 4 balloons. I do have my clan leader whom has level 6 balloons and I have tried following your tutorial on how to 3 star max TH8 War bases. I can't seem to do it very well…

    I have tried following "What to do" and "What not to do" in the attacks but the attack never goes to plan.

    My question is: Could you do a TH8 – Dragon Video that you could show multiple (quick tutorials) TH8 war bases and how you should tackle them. Using whatever software you freeze videos and draw on circles or arrows to represent where we should be heading in. This sounds very similar to your TH8 dragon attacks, but explaining a reason to go in a specific direction would help me understand more on how to tackle different bases i come across. If you did manage to read this all without dying of boredom, i thank you for your time.

  15. irie eyed says:

    I am 5200 subscriber (:

  16. Hey I love your videos! I was wandering what I could do to join your clan . I'm a high th 8 and I've bounced from clan to clan seeking for one that's actually good. I'd appreciate a response back. Even if it's a no

  17. DomTat247 says:

    Nice video heather, if that's how you spell your name, your clan looks excellent

  18. Nice. We just finished a war a couple hours ago, it was 24-12 before I went to bed, and when I woke up it was a draw. Haha that's what happens if you get 99% on an attack but forget a corner builders hut. NEVER FORGET A BUILDERS HUT, IT CAN COST YOU THE W.

  19. Bjay1956 says:

    imagine messing with you, what a loser he was, go girl go girl, your clan rocks………………….

  20. 😀 that was pretty close too close for me. One question I do have. Is there any chance to join your clan? I'm just an nearly maxed out Th8 which can't find any good clans for clan wars.

  21. mjeed says:

    كفو فهد good job fahad

  22. Beanie Bots says:

    LOL this was almost as exciting as watching a championship UFC fight!  Good show!

  23. XPlicit986 says:

    what were the balance issues? i find my clan keeps losing wars within a few stars.

  24. I'm in the video. I feel special. :3

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