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Clash of Clans Friendly Challenge Update has been announced and now is the time to talk about this and the impact it will have on Clash of Clans. Let your voice be heard.

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30 Replies to “Clash of Clans Friendly Challenge Update”

  1. GordorBR says:

    You are the best Heather! I love watch your master videos <3

  2. xd W01FY says:

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  3. xd W01FY says:

    Good vidio heather your great i just made a YouTube Chanel and if you subscibe to me i subscribe to you

  4. Lan Tran says:

    I disagree, people could always make a seperate clan and have people practice and copy war bases in there :PAlso, it's an advantage for the opposing side, but dont forget that it will also be an advantage to us since we can do the same thing. And to be honest, I highly doubt a lot of people can be bothered to copy every single war base.. Especially higher levels (all those walls…) and clans that do back to back wars.

  5. Jessie B says:

    Agree 100%. If Supercell allows this Friendly Challenge to be used during Preparation and War Day, it will single handily kill wars in COC. Considering I only play for war, it would essentially end all purpose of me playing. If you can't use the Friendly Challenge during war and prep day, then it will be an excellent addition to the game!

  6. well, I don't see any problem in this update, because it will be of both clans advantage, its not like one is getting more advantage on other. I guess that squers things out, still better attackers will rule. objective is to make this game real, and ppl take it as competition. like a real time sports. I am very happy with this update, what I also want is war chat room beside globe and clan chat room, so we can play some psychological game over opponent clans, like to.provoke them to make mistake etc. great update well done COC

  7. well, I don't see any problem in this update, because it will be of both clans advantage, its not like one is getting more advantage on other. I guess that squers things out, still better attackers will rule. objective is to make this game real, and ppl take it as competition. like a real time sports. I am very happy with this update, what I also want is war chat room beside globe and clan chat room, so we can play some psychological game over opponent clans, like to.provoke them to make mistake etc. great update well done COC

  8. I liked this feature and I see it really has a potential to make game more interesting and skilled.

    With this, I expect more in-clan activity, internal competitions and overall improvement. You can tryout different strategies in base building, attack styles, learning troop AI, better cc troop combos against different attacks etc etc etc …

    May be, there should be an option to attack your own base as well. but it may have some complication in defending cc combo vs attacking cc combo (?).

    About impact on clan wars-

    According to me its ok to let some user duplicate an opponent base and let it practice for his classmates during war. Because its not really exploitable as it looks to be. Following are some points to support that-

    1. You must have very similar defence levels to exactly replicate the practice playground. For 50v50 clan with all similar TH levels, this might look easy, but thats not general thing. Or clan will all maxed TH11, this might be possible. But definitely not common for mass majority of the clans out there.
    2. The base must be attacked once covering majority of the area to show all bombs, traps, teslas, cc etc. Means, you are already wasting one attack in war. Remember you have only 2 attacks in war itself.
    3. The base building is not very quick. Its not mod which lets you copy paste the base. You have to make it, check it again and again to see its the exact replica.
    4. When you throw it open for attack and someone 3 stars it, you don’t get a ready script to be executed on the actual base. What you get it again a best possible plan which is shown working. You still have to attack the base actually and .. remember .. 100s of things can go wrong or differently there.

    Instead, what it will achieve is more and more people will learn how to perfect their attacks. There are several clans in which there are 2/3 star players out of 30/40 who shine during casual wars but when they try and join elite war clans, they fell short because of lack of practice (myself falls in this category). With this, there is a big opportunity to gain and improve. And, this will help reducing the gap between elite clans and casual clans, at least in terms of individual performances.

    Yet, I believe, there should be a limit on this stuff. You can throw a challenge any time but challenge remains active for 24 hours and every other player gets only 1 (or max 2) chances to attack your base. This prevents or rather controls the ‘exploit’ and let improve the skills.

  9. so you'll be able to recycle ur troops…ive been asking for a while that we should be able to keep our troops that don't die whether in battle or in war…can I get some help with that request

  10. pimpinkenn33 says:

    why havent got my update yet??

  11. Gollie says:

    Ppl will just do the modding I mean practicing in a alternate clan. Freezing the map change won't stop it will just force people to have to equal level accounts

  12. i hav a plan for the problem she said abt copying war bases, change the base before 2 hrs of war

  13. Clash tutor u just gave me a great idea now I am gonna go to enemy and spy and do exactly what u condemed

  14. Ammar Anwar says:

    I think that i might have a little different take on this… just think
    about what xmod was back in its days… a tool to play the game for you,
    farm, stay in game and not lose loot and basically progress without any
    effort/gems spent… okay so yea it had a sandbox that warrers used to
    win, but i think the reason supercell banned the mods was the auto play
    feature, they cuuldnt give a shit about wars… they wanted people to
    play the game more physically and have to loot, and be successful at it
    (hence the easy looting, shorter army times, star bonuses etc) so people
    get happy, o wow i have loot but omg i gotta upgrade my thingies, lets
    spend gems so i don't have to wait, since they are so much more involved
    in the game rather than having a bot farm it up for them…. but
    ofcourse banning the xmod pissed off the modders so voila, they give
    them a sandbox… now FPCs are still fucked, modders are happy, and
    supercell is making more gems than ever….. id tip my hat to them
    except i like fpc warring 🙁

  15. JuicyRL says:

    I'm exited for the King CoC tournament that's gonna happen 🙂

  16. James S. says:

    To be fair, if a clan would go through all the trouble or copying an enemies base and practice it, that's putting a lot of effort to win lol. It is, in the end, just a game. There are a lot of pros and cons to this update. One big con, and quite a few pros. Pros, it really refreshes the game. My clan guys love it, we're already excited to 3 star each other. It's cool. But like you said, it decreases….challenge level. People will take advantage of it during war. Though not completely.

    I approve of this update with reservations. Not sure how to limit people from taking advantage of it during war. I can't call it a mod. Because it's available to everyone, not to a certain few. So it's still fair play, right? Or am I wrong? Very curious to hear what people think. It's obvious Supercell is desperate to keep players.

  17. nice vid! But do you think that the draw in clan wars is stupid because u dont have extra loot?

  18. I just hope that the update will not affect the fairness of war. it just sucks to think that people are getting 3 stars because they practiced their target many times than having a solid plan, executes it perfectly and get a 3.

  19. I used to support the fair play community because I felt like it was about fairness at its core. It wasn't fair that modders had an advantage through something that was considered cheating. Now I am starting to wonder if the fair play community is just made up of lazy people. Honestly, the reaction to this change is really frustrating to me. If everyone has equal access to this tool the only reason to rally against it is that you don't want effort to be rewarded in wars.

  20. steven pagan says:

    ok sorry I'm taking it out on your video but I'm sick of all of you people who not too long ago were beaming with joy because sc decided to put a stop to modding. you all said how glad you were now that wars would be all fair play. I've heard so many say how modders ruin the game and that they are no good at attacks and its unfair that they can attack a base until they know they can 3 star it in war. I've heard how modders are not good players because they have to cheat and all that. but wait now you are all signing a new toon. now its oh this is great and now we can practice attacks and practice with different troop combos and all that.your saying how people will get better now with their attacks because they can practice now. but tell me what is the difference between modders a few months ago and everybody who plays clash now? your all a bunch of double talkers. before with the modders everyone was putting them down for being able to practice attacks, now everyone can do it and your happy about it. SC made a huge mistake banning modders. the truth is, their were more modders then those who were for fair play wars. think about it. banning people was because of wars. but we all know wars isn't the only aspect of clash. you have so many players who had mod programs that didn't even war. a lot of people used mods for regular attacks and to stay online so they don't get attacked so often. so by banning these people they lost a lot of players and knew they would only keep losing players. they did that to make the war community happy only. but what about the trophy pushers and the farmers? so instead of SC saying sorry we made a mistake and were gonna stop banning people(cause that will really make sc look like a bunch of asses) they decided to do it this way. they realize now that the fair play war community isn't as much as the rest of the clashers. so why not just give everyone the same advantage. which they did now. I'm sure sc would rather lose those war people who didn't like modders then to lose those who are farmers and pushers.

  21. Yup not allowing to change layout for friendly challenge will fixed it. Great Idea.

  22. Well having a friendly only base is a nice idea. Not being able to change the base during war is nice but I feel like someone not in war can just leave the clan, change the base, and then come back into the clan which kinda defeats the purpose. I'm sure supercell can figure it out though

  23. twh7011 says:

    I'm excited about this. finally get to kill my clansmates bases. woooohoooo!

  24. Elix says:

    Will you do th7 attacks since there are now 3 air defenses?

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