Clash of Clans – Gems Guide

Clash Of Clans

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23 Replies to “Clash of Clans – Gems Guide”

  1. Juan rosi says:

    hey there if you want 10,000 G ems works for me try t. co /05bk7MMZ04 (without spaces) it's easy bye

  2. Jorge Gomez says:

    Can u help me won more plz

  3. Jess Call says:

    Acquire Unlimited Free Resources just for this game, in this article you are

  4. Bruno Amato says:

    A fast chεat for ĈĹĂŜĤ ŘÕŶĂĹÊ ĜÊMŜ is online here : – – :

  5. inigo derick says:

    I found a location that providing ?ems and still unpatched till now
    Anyhow, do not forget to subs me

  6. Men, I just found the location that still giving some Gemms
    Playing COC with this trick makes more fun.

  7. Niraz Bohara says:

    bro i am ur bigfan.and i want to buy gems in my country nepal it is available or not

  8. captain america nasıl yapıyozz

  9. Koenig says:

    Верните мне мою молодость?

  10. LionTheKing says:

    make a video of that how to record screen plz

  11. 5:29 that's not true boosting collectors is way more effective then buying resources.

  12. Username: balba2BEAST
    Gems: 880000
    Gold: 9000000
    Elixir: 8000000

  13. JMan360 says:

    You forgot shields

  14. The only time I booted the gold mines and elixir is when the special advent came up. It was all elixir collectors for the elixir that you have. And the gold mines as well, you it was 6 gems for the the elixir then other 6 gems gems for the 6 gold mines. So one gem each.

    It lasted for a whole week and it was SOOO worth it…

    That was long.

  15. Omgomgomgomgomgomg…………..????????!!!!!!!!!'cccc ITS FRICIN TRUE OMG

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