Clash of Clans HOW TO GET DARK ELIXIR FAST TH7/8/9/10 Easy Dark Elixir Farming

Clash Of Clans

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Clash Of Clans How To Get Dark Elixir Fast | Clash Of Clans Quickest Fastest Way To Farm Dark Elixir TH7/8/9/10 max your clash of clans heroes Townhall 7 8 9 10
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31 Replies to “Clash of Clans HOW TO GET DARK ELIXIR FAST TH7/8/9/10 Easy Dark Elixir Farming”

  1. I can't push past gold II

  2. 2017 December Anyone Like Of So

  3. Wyxelix says:

    you can farm easily by using battle ram 40-60 battle ram you could farm easily by it

  4. How can i trade gold for DE??

  5. What level r the blue walls?

  6. Jordi6304™ says:

    How about a tutorial about how to get to crystal league fast cuz I'm silver 2 and TH7

  7. So basically ur sayin just don't use dark elixar troops lol I tried that once it didn't go to well

  8. Awaken Games says:

    I am finding it hard to win defence so maby you should make a dark eleixer base for th7

  9. you wrote th 7 th 8 th9 th 10 but this is only th9 and th10 army

  10. Ivan SImmons says:

    This video is really old

  11. GB Proofs says:

    Holy shit back when the walls were still blue….

  12. Phuong Vu says:

    What do you play on a iOS android laptop and iPad whatever can you tell me
    Because it is cool that it is not like my Device

  13. CLASH OF RED says:

    what's your clan name I wanna join

  14. if your recommending for th7 and above, you need to use th7 troops!

  15. usman butt says:

    it's very helpful thank bro

  16. Justin Lewis says:

    The good old days when the maxed wall were cool

  17. I'm a th8 and I'm in crystal league and there a lot like 2,000 in every raid

  18. How to get easy dark elixir

    Use lightning spells on collectors and if theyre on the outside then use barbs and archers

  19. gem it…u already have 5 builders…gem her up

  20. Brian Keith says:

    why not use the max healer with Archer Queen?

  21. Savage LouE says:

    what a pointless video.. your just stating what we all ready know… we're the specific examples of how to farm dark elixir easier?? smh

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